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In those years ever lost Zippo lighters

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

the north network - fashion, Zippo windproof lighters history has spread over the years, its durable manufacturing quality has created many classic tales, one of the most classic is the loss of the famous Zippo in dusty archives in the story. These odd but very real with Zippo loss of Zippo windproof lighters more legendary color, at the same time also let people to this classic brand added a and yearning.
the stomach of the Zippo: this is a occurred in the century s most famous Zippo lighters lost story. Nida, the American people in the west of the lake in Cleveland is Three Mile Bay fishing luce, they caught a about pounds ( 。 Kg) A large carnivorous pike. Pike in cleaning processing, people found in the stomach of a Zippo lighter. No one knows this fish is in the lighter fell into the water to swallow the shiny objects, or from the bottom to dig it. But the shape of the lighter still good, the most important thing is that, although in nida, the bottom of the stomach for such a long time, the Zippo lighter lighter for the first time will be lit.

the stomach of the Zippo
Zippo wildlife cruise womb: remember the cold winter in November a hunting on the way, John Meister and his brother are pursuing a white-tailed deer. In the process of pursuit, they shoot a deer and successfully at home before cleaning the internal organs. When he came back home, Meister discovered that only with their years of loyal Zippo lighters are missing. The next day he returned to the woods looking for lighters, but didn't find it. He recalls a bear to the internal organs of the deer, and he scared a shake, should be dropped his cigarette lighter, at that time and then he left, Meister will tell his friends about it. Happened to a few days later, his friend called to say he found the lost Zippo lighters. The friend same place hunting in Meister brother shot a bear, a friend, when cleaning the bear's belly, accidentally discovered a Meister, lighters, and for the first time attempts to strike fire ignites. Must have really bear to eat deer entrails of Zippo lighters swallowed down also. Zippo again over nature, its strong tolerance for reliability.

Zippo wildlife cruise down
Zippo womb of car lighting: in the 1940 s, when the Zippo company founder George G. Blaisdell sold in the streets with his trademark lighters, he decided to do this brand is very popular unique. Galbraith generation idea in my mind a kind of look like Zippo windproof lighter cars, so he will be a Chrysler Saratoga car modification, in body fitted with two giant lighters, neon lights flashing flame turned his idea into reality. The striking car free and easy roam in the United States on the expressway of shuttle between fair and fair, but in the end was mysteriously disappeared. Years Zippo company decided to make this kind of Zippo replica of the car, now the replica ZippoCase museum in the state of Bradford.
Zippo and issued by the West in other Customs custom a new Zippo company car, the car in the U. S. national sports car race Zippo association debut of the car race. As one of the most iconic brands in the world, Zippo with cool, classic, solid, solid, is famous for its characteristics such as reliability, in particular, these characteristics are reflected in the design of this Zippo models.
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