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induced potential and transformers

by:Tianwang     2020-06-14
Specific actual investigation of iron production-
Core Transformer-high era transformer can be composed of iron \"c\" core and flexible insulated wires.
Objective to investigate the relationship between the number of wires on the secondary coil and the secondary voltage.
Method to make sure the power is off.
As shown in the figure, set the circuit, open 20 primary cores, and open 20 secondary cores.
Remember that we are using an AC connection and turn on the power.
Record the voltage reading on both AC voltmeter.
Turn off the power.
Change the secondary core to 40 laps, that is, increase 20 laps.
Repeat steps 3 to 6, up to 100 laps on the secondary core line.
The result three result example set is: the number of times the main kernel is opened (N1)
Number of times the core is opened (N2)
Primary core voltage (V1)
In the VVoltage of the secondary core (V2)in V20204. 03. 920404. 07. 920604. 011. 820804. 015. 6201004. 019.
5 analyze and draw the number of circles on the secondary core (N2)
Secondary voltage (V2).
Evaluate the potential difference ratio on the transformer coil to match the number of turns ratio on the coil.
Therefore, when the conduction times of the primary voltage V1 and the primary coil N1 remain fixed, we expect the secondary voltage V2 to increase the ratio to the number of coils on the primary coil, n2.
Risk assessment risk control measures when handling a device, the wires on the magnet may burn the skin, while the wires on the power supply do not exceed 4 V.
Power off between readings.
Let the instrument cool before touch.
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