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Industrial gas burner burner safety operation procedures

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
Industrial gas burner burner safety operation procedures ( A) The former new furnace installation, debugging, should be carefully check whether gas accord with the requirement of burner; Check the gas pipe road testing instrument is normal and pipe valves open and close is normal, whether for later use and repair. For newly installed pipeline, should carefully check all piping installation reliability and sealing of pipeline. Use a separate gasification station users, to ensure that conform to the requirements of the safety combustion gas, gas parameters. Operators read the equipment operation instruction, master knowledge of safe operation and the method. Every time before starting to check whether the gas valve is opened, otherwise the burner does not work. Start the power control button control on the ark, the digital display table will display the current temperature in the furnace, the xin of furnace temperature of the temperature for the environment. Start the fan control button, fan is installed on the furnace body of work, at this time if the fan damage control cabinet can't automatic protection into the next steps. Combustion fan work no abnormal phenomenon, and then start the combustion control button, burning program controller at this time to begin to work, it through certain procedures for ignition, plenum, testing procedures such as flame, finally achieve safe burning. When the controller receives against combustion signal ( Example: the ignition failure, pressure is not stable, there is something wrong with the circuit), Problems such as, burning controller immediately shut gas and send out alarm signal. 10. If the combustion controller alarm, must be solved after the fault by the operating personnel to its manual reset can continue to work. 11. The whole equipment operation, the operator should refer to the furnace safety operation procedures and process requirements of operation. 12. When need to adjust the temperature control according to the requirements of production process, the operator should refer to the intelligent nc table instruction. ( 2) Shutdown operation: ( 1) Shutdown has two situations: the first is: when the furnace temperature reaches the set value automatically shut down, the operator need not any operation, wait until the furnace temperature is lower than the set point controller will automatically boot. ( 2) The second is: stop when stop is presented and the human, the operator should press boot sequence (the opposite of 一个。 Turn off the combustion control button, b. Close the fan button, c. Last shut down the power button) Operation to turn it off. ( 3) Shut down for a long time case operator should close the fuel gas pipe valves, in order to prevent gas leakage phenomenon.
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