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Jian ying park _ mobile electric batons _ the chu overlord of The Three Kingdoms - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Jian ying park police investigation of the case immediately. However, the evening of August 13, this girl because he took things too hard, feel sorry family, drink half a bottle of pesticide in an attempt to commit suicide. Thanks to the girl's mother, Mrs. Zhang, observe female son, electric batons, timely find daughter mouth foaming at the mouth lie on the bed, sending children to the hospital immediately. After gastric lavage, detoxification and so on a series of rescue, the girl finally turned the corner. On August 14, early in the morning, the simultaneous police chief song tao and teachings member liu learned that girl suicide, immediately to the hospital to visit the girl. Mobile electric batons last blood-sucking female mosquitoes are brewing lay eggs, very aggressive. Xiao-peng zeng said, the main mosquito species in Beijing area is pale culex, they mainly in the form of adult mosquitoes for the winter, the enough blood on a secluded place to hide the winter, people need to pay attention to the protection. City CDC deputy director pang spark told reporters that this year our country guangdong, southern yunnan province epidemic of dengue fever. As the Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation and & other 11 & throughout; The advent of the golden week, many people plan a trip to the south, and dengue is a mosquito-borne disease is spread by mosquito bites, therefore, citizens to travel to the southern indoors must pay attention to prevent mosquito bites. Although the three big chu overlord is theft, but human life, the case immediately became the simultaneous police station no. 1 case, & other; As the murder attention & throughout; 。 After careful investigation, the police determined and girl working in the hotel after a kitchen have heavy big crime suspects, electric batons, because he had on the day of the disappeared with laptop computers. Police looking to its, August 15 in fusong county town of SongJiangHe it captured, seized his stolen laptop. From reporting to break the case, it took just three days. When the girl managed to get a computer, such as treasures, finally broken cry to laugh. “ Thank you for police's uncle! ” She says with a laugh. , director of the liu song tao and instructors told reporters, actually girl is 91, and song tao is in 83, liu xiang is 87, and the girl is of the same age. But being & other; Police's uncle & throughout; Cried and felt her shoulders responsibility than the old. “ Finally broke, save a human life, the old happy! ” Both the police man was cheerfully told reporters.
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