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Jinan new 103 electric police capture point 37 is a reverse camera ( With location table) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Qilu network - January 10, ( Reporter wanted maple) Recently, jinan downtown traffic police released the new 103 illegal capture device. These new illegal capture devices, there are 37 is a multifunctional electric p + reverse bayonet, electric batons, retrograde, make a phone call, not traffic violations such as driving motor vehicles within the tao. 37 reverse bayonet capture points: located in 104 state road, 220 national road, 308 national highway and 309 national highway along the road, and all the way north park avenue and seven road, production road railway bridge north road, sand silted north road and road intersection, millet sand silted north road and Huang Gang road, no shadow mountain road zhuang north road intersection with the victory, no shadow convenience market road, south road, no shadow mountain lanxiang and lanxiang zhong road intersection, north riverside of minhang district road and north road and xu li road, All in flyover) 。 What is a reverse camera? Reverse camera, is have reverse capture function, driving to retrograde, in violation of the ban on line, the use of hand-held mobile phones driving, not wearing a seatbelt, not within the motor vehicle road traffic violations such as photo electronic police forensics. ( Editor: Lin Shaorong, Gao Yana] Want to report? Please log in the sunshine of attachment ( ) , call the news hotline at 0531 - 66661234 or 96678, or log in qilu nets official weibo, @ qilu nets) Provide clues to the news. Qilu network advertising hotline - 0531 81695052, we sincerely invite partners.
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