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Jingjiang processing lighter factory

by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

a: I'm in hills double jiang village, lighters do our factory, for workers is also very good, you are still in processing the lighter? No, generally lighter factory near, acquaintance the somebody else will not send you any fees, or are all set to buy. Or call you buy his semi-finished products, which is the deposit, doing well. 。 。
a: companies need different examination and approval procedures are different, but the basic are the same. According to the required formalities before and after the industrial and commercial business license, organization code certificate, said registration certificate, national tax registration certificate, statistics registration certificate, bank opens an account licence. In addition you are lighter factory opened, the court will register flammable gas. 。 。
a: I really is a cheater company joined the age I am joining manulife technology development co. , LTD. Is a good energy-saving brand of cigarette lighter cheated me more than they simply buy machines I've had a few still in hand a total of two sets of samples they give you the parts are defective goods and the price is higher also. 。 。
a: I have done for several years, over the years has always been to wuhan city toyama electronic lighter factory cooperation, the beginning and try with this mentality order for ten thousand sets of components, with the company at first also worry about don't shipment, I didn't expect the results for a few days the arrival of the goods. Their reputation is good, now we cooperation very much. 。 。
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