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Jining: just take money hijacked four men were arrested after 28 hours linyi wit escape - flash - finance Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Qilu evening news - jining mr. wang evening on the ATM to withdraw money, was about to get on the car were hijacked four men. Mr Wang beaten by four men, electric shock, forced to give me three pieces of bank card password, robbers took 70000 yuan after Mr. Wang from jining to surabaya. Mr. Wang by robbers hands bound with duct tape tied when Mr Wang used his quick wits to hold hands, after to escape. Jining police after 28 hours will four men arrested in linyi. The eyes and mouth is entangled in tape on January 14, more than 9 PM, jining, wang driving in the supply and marketing at the junction road and Wu Tai gate road on an ATM took 2000 yuan in cash. Opened the car door was about to get in the car when suddenly a pressed on. “ Don't move, or kill you. ” A man threatened. Mr Wang feel back was a dagger to resist, then he was forced to push the car. Mr. Wang see four men in their 20 s, one in sunglasses, a man took Mr Wang wallet, ask him what card rich, how much is the password. “ Their evil force me to bank card password, I didn't tell them, and then we went self-destructiveness came. ” Mr Wang said, robbers beat him, but also power electric shock stick him, including one man who suddenly with a knife knife stabbed him on the leg. Mr Wang unbearable torture, spoke three bank card password. A man get off immediately to withdraw money, three other people use tape to Mr Wang them in the eyes and mouth, also bound him hand and foot, then started the car left the scene. “ I feel they were blindfolded, midway stopped several times, go a long way, the feeling is very long. Before and after several hours. ” Mr Wang said, a stop on the way, the robber threw his cell phone out of the car. Used his quick wits when tied his hands into fists, in fact, the robber to hijack, Mr Wang in jining city via YuTai to surabaya, leave in surabaya city to walk a few times to get off. “ I feel the bus stopped, four robbers are out of the car and listen to their footsteps walked away, waited for a few minutes and then come back, think they got the money might go. ” Mr. Wang tied the hands of his quick wits to hand ', he began to try to break free of adhesive tape. “ Did a lot of sweat out a hand first, and come out the other hand, tear up all the tape, I looked around, nobody gets out of the window. ” Mr Wang said. Mr Wang dragged his injured leg, see signs they knew that they were taken to surabaya county. He found a supermarket close by the side of the road, hard to hit the door to ask for help, but the boss see him blood didn't dare to open the door. He ran into a resident home, & other; Please help me, I was robbed, would you please help me to call home. ” Mr. Wang request. The residents didn't open the door, through the door and asked him some situation, ask his family's phone number, and then open dialed phone hands-free spoke to Mr Wang and his wife, and then help dialed 110. Four gangsters escaping crime eyeing the aim is to begin 15 1:00, surabaya public security bureau received a report to the police, the police immediately rushed to the scene to Mr Wang to hospital. At the same time, Mr. Wang's wife in jining is also called the police, civilian police to surabaya county overnight. Police investigation found that a taxi after four men to get off, leaving the scene, police found the taxi drivers master li. Master li, said the night four men on his taxi to the linyi country-specific ones area. More than 20 amid police immediately rushed to linyi. More than 16 at 2 PM, the police arrested the suspect in a country-specific ones area restaurant wang mou, XXL, mastered TuShen clues, and captured wang mou a certain, XXL is Internet cafes. Via checking, four suspects splurging after get the money, singing, drinking, the sauna, enjoy a night and then used to rob money to buy two cell phones a watch. Two of four suspects were fei county person, two people are the jining. According to four suspects confession, banded illegal detention, extortion, robbery crime. 3. Four suspects escaping crime, meet goals laid hands on him, and in the evening when looking for targets in jining see just take the money, Mr Wang again. At present, four suspects was jining police criminal detention for robbery. ( Qilu evening news reporter yue yinyin) , electric batons
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