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JiWenLin was born poor sisters for their reading can't get married

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

JiWenLin after become senior leadership. For figure CFP
former vice governor of hainan province JiWenLin serious violations, and. According to the bulletin, JiWenLin by taking advantage of his benefit for others, accepting, huge bribes; Adultery with others.
JiWenLin record, according to the officer to deputy hall, age old deputy province, is the wind. But from the point of view of the family of the vice governor was born poor, before he entered, absorbing the rural family almost all of the resources, but lay down on the high places. His sister had mo and later on, 'so, early know he had let him at home farming. With his head at home farm also can have a good day, why not be officer? '
the JiWenLin's father was worried that he could not resist, has repeatedly reminded him must be' cheap '. Now see, ji readily promised vows but father before his death is a perfunctory. At this point JiWenLin already unable to extricate themselves in the mire. After the father died of a half moon, JiWenLin crime. It is planted in the have the most to worry about the old man, in front of beauty. Fall

there was a few years, LiangCheng yongxing peasant have fun: late start, they will keep in front of the television, waiting for the leadership behind a bespectacled young officials appear in the picture. At this time there are always adults carry some of their own children: 'you see, this is the za JiWenLin yongxing walked out. You should good good study, can also be on TV in the future. '
but from the start, in another voice began to spread in the county seat. There will be no local people education their children. Lay's gradually became a disgraceful thing.
JiWenLin family for the last time to see him, is on the first day this year. It seems to two elder sister JiCuiYun JiWenLin still gaunt, and for the past 67 years saw his face. Annual lunar calendar JiWenLin breakfast in a hurry to leave. Days after the date of the evening, two brother-in-law feed cows back to the house, after the news of the scroll bar at the bottom of the CCTV news channel in saw the vice governor of hainan province JiWenLin suspected of serious violations, is undergoing investigation 'words. 'Wen Lin had an accident. 'Two brother-in-law told illiterate JiCuiYun beside it.
this is the first year of the horse 'fall' provincial level. According to previous reports, JiWenLin much overlap, with several lok ma officials JiWenLin is a ring of the graft group.
in the afternoon, February 2nd liangcheng, a two-bedroom unit room, a district JiWenLin's mother has just returned to walk out, she didn't know for what son. Sitting room on the wall hangs a family photo taken in, photo surrounded the grandchildren of ji father has cancer at the time, and within five months after he died because of illness.
JiWenLin after entering, along with the rising of less contact with his family. Parents are afraid miss affected the son because of his work, never take the initiative to contact him. After ji watches hainan, ji son mother know the only way to defend everyday to hainan station waiting JiWenLin appeared before the TV. Cut off the TV after ji, family line, can't let mother at the age of the other changes.
'don't know when can such hide to a. Early know so, honestly do a peasant at home is better. 'Say, two elder sister JiCuiYun choked voice.
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