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Journal of rural version

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

report from our correspondent ( The correspondent Wang Tongzhou) Recently, the author learned from dianjiang county cao back to town, the town's guidance. More left-behind women and the old man industrialization management, to achieve income.
cao back to town based on the actual status of rural left-behind population, actively explore ways to expand farmers' income to get rich, the introduction of services outsourcing industry, agricultural industrialization management, strive to resolve rural left-behind workers employment income.
in recent years, the town with the introduction of electronic components, dry shoes, lighters and other labor service outsourcing industry, guide the left-behind women came to the employment and income. At present, the town a total of a electronic component services outsourcing agents, has a production line of dry shoes shop of a processing enterprises, and the two lighter, more than a person engaged in the service outsourcing, revenue of ten thousand yuan.
bears hardships and stands hard work, familiar with the farming of left-behind elderly has become the main force of the rural professional cooperative shares. Shares at present, the town formed a professional cooperatives, agricultural machinery, flowers, fruit, nursery stock industry, cooperatives more than people, average age is about, earning more than ten thousand yuan.
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