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Journalist survey said in the flea market can buy - electric torch Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Our correspondent Zhou Mingjia can discharge the torch was taken the front with the function of electric shock, can be used as electric flashlight you met? Recently, there are people call evening news hotline 4100000, according to the ford in the flea market, someone from ambush at the sale with the function of electric flashlight. Evening news reporter recently found in the survey, in fact, this flashlight is not mysterious, and standard configuration or police flashlight. This flashlight with electric shock function are available in many places, the buyer does not require any authentication information, as long as pay, will be able to buy various models, with badges logo riot flashlight, but it is also hard to avoid lets a person worry about their safety. Reporter investigations at the flea market in secretly sold around at flea market after around a circle, reporters found no riot torch for sale. However, the reporter then walked into a small electrical appliances shop, watching the flashlight on the counter, asked the shopkeeper if there is a flashlight with electric shock function. Listen to a reporter so to speak, the owner immediately with a smile, 'oh, the original is the kind you want, yes, you wait! 'In the end, the owner took out a flashlight,' this is the police, you see above and badges and the police, a lot of defense, and security, urban management will come and buy it. 'The shopkeeper reel is introduced, and also demonstrates, press the switch, flashlight front' crackling 'to start a blue light, sound, and visible to the naked eye, current spark in the eyes, let a person see the chilling. The shopkeeper introduction, there are many kinds of styles the flashlight with electric shock function, each price from 100 yuan to 400 yuan, sales 'very good', 'strict' check, only recently did not dare to take it out again and sold it, but can sell a few cigarettes a day. Online surveys to sell riot torch merchants a lot later, the reporter also found on the Internet for several specialized sell similar riot torch merchants. Not only can these businesses through the search engine to search, and most are also support pay treasure payment business. In a company called 'China electric batons net' website, reporter saw dozens of large and small different kinds of electric batons products, both the riot flashlight, as well as an ordinary electric batons, and even a mobile phone in the shape of electric batons. A businessman through QQ told reporters, they riot flashlight sales situation is very good, every day delivery to all parts of the country, also promised once 'transportation link has a problem, they take full responsibility for'. The businessman also revealed that they shipped, generally choose are like shentong express company, and the confidentiality of the requirements for the kind, therefore after the issue of the goods in general are difficult to find. Subsequently, the reporter is put forward to buy a 'trial', the other side can also said, and in order to later can long-term cooperation ', the hair can also package the postage by them, and said, must want to order more than 10 after shipment. Experience less than one second is electric ma had a small riot flashlight, power on earth could have how old? Owner is introduced, this type of flashlight in all of the riot torch inside resistance is small, so the power is of medium level. And said, I want to know the power of the riot torch can be to try to just know, I'm afraid. Then, in order to personally experience the power of the riot flashlight, electric batons, reporter also specially bought a police flashlight price 150 yuan. Before the trial, the owner also repeatedly stressed that the electricity without with the torch. But when was hit by a flashlight electric current, the reporter was apparently was a shaking, feel whole body have a current through the whole body limp and numb. Part of being shocked first feel a pain, then become numb. The electric shock, however, the process only lasted less than a second, but also did not contact met reporters body straight, distance and 2 ~ 3 cm. Police remind some self-defense equipment can not be with the police authorities, according to some citizens like I went away with a self-defense equipment, but according to relevant laws and regulations, some self-defense equipment can not be illegal possession, more can't carry, otherwise not self-defense, may also bring unnecessary trouble for yourself. Of course, some of it can carry. A: these can't: electric batons, super trueshot dizzy, extendable batons, iron fist, controlled knives. B: they can take: pepper spray, automotive riot fire extinguisher, telescopic nunchakus, self-defense flashlight ( Make the other side with strong eyesight whiting) And alarm. ( Jiang Min) Welcome to comment I want to comment
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