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Junior high school students on handheld electric ones beaten to the head - WeiOu classmate Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
According to Taiwan media reports, the taichung a mother has pointed out that his son of junior high school, after school, 5, 6 students long WeiOu. Other people also deliberately and son with the bus, not only with electric ones intimidation, still beating with good thing, cause he gets on the spot, the whole body is hurt go home alone. Later, the mother asked the school read the monitor screen, officials have said the picture 'is blocked also look not to come out', dragging its feet. Fortunately, the police is now apply for interrupting the monitor screen, present himself, and will inform the students involved in the transfer for subsequent cases. The mother pointed out that his son study in junior high school, on January 6th in the afternoon at the school gate waiting for a bus, suddenly was 5, and 6 senior WeiOu. School dean happened after see, said to each other a group of people called 'have no matter to go home', then 5, and 6 people hide between two buses, finally also deliberately and her son from the same bus. Get on the bus, after several senior first towards her son's arm and swing on abdomen, after seeing his pain to sat down on the chair, the other was also out of the shock rod frighten him. Then they will coat to cover her son again to beat, even out of the hard object against his head, it was not until after he gets to stop the violence. More than half an hour's drive, however, none of the passengers to stand up, electric batons, let the mother very sad. Police at or after the first time to accept the report, and will be suspected to hurt students electric ones confiscated according to law, then also writing to bus operators, read the monitor screen. Police said that after being through the monitor screen to clarify the case, present himself, will immediately notify the students involved and for subsequent transfer case.
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