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Kangba man to run in the United States: 'snow line post road' messenger - on the hero Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Its edge in the United States: 'snow line post road' on the heroes of the messenger. Clip: Yang Qian its ill ( Left) Say good-bye before departure with his wife. China post group company for figure from chengdu, sichuan province branch via yoann, ganzi, arrived in Lhasa, Tibet an average elevation of 3500 meters above the snow line, complex terrain, rough, climate changeable, this is only a train of the level of national trunk post road. 'With the kangba man singing, electric batons, its ill will walk on the' cross 'snow line'. Its edge is ganzi county, sichuan province branch of China post group driving group leader, postal, as song on him, kangba man straightforward bold and freedom is bold and unrestrained, more have ambition and belief. In 28 years, he personified the beauty of the snow area plateau messenger, rush about all the year round in the snow line ', no matter day or night, no matter wind or rain and snow. Blood for email security one night in September, 2012, its beauty is full as usual in the national highway 318 yaan tianquan county territory. From a distance, the front have a steep slope, its run speed slow skillfully. At this moment, suddenly appeared a group of people who hold a machete, iron bars, electric batons, 'a lot of confidential documents by postal mail, 'big from people, small leave' body is special provisions on the management of confidential mail, can not afford to have delay. 'Said its beauty is full. 'Four broken ribs, right ear, the left foot, left hand vein and so on are hurt. 'Said in its run, light blade is 17. Just like his name meaning 'king kong' longevity, phase's day, after rescue, dying in its run to come over. During hospitalization, he most worried about, or whether the car mail to be recovered in full. 'Fortunately, at that time, back to some of the passing vehicles, they see more people ran after, no lost mail. If the mail back to back and really kicking another [when] himself. 'This is the first time in its run of more than 20 years to encounter robbery, now in retrospect, feel a little terror. Although life is picking up the back, but his left hand, left foot meridians atrophy stiff, fundamental to lift. Hand can't free activities, is a fatal blow to the driver, frustration in its edge, so, just at discharge also become very bad temper, on a short fuse. 'I want to hold the steering wheel. 'In its edge, told reporters after his recovery, unit arrangement he is responsible for managing the work, no longer need to run long distance, but he said,' I don't understand computer, sitting in my office is of little help, his heart is not dependable. 'After more than a year of recovery, its beauty is full again set foot on the post road, on his beloved coach,' or drive better, and more steadfast in heart. 'Kind to save the lives there are' sichuan-tibet first risks, 'said the chola mountain is its beauty [ill] the way, the main peak 6168 meters above sea level, about half the time of the year the road frost freezes, plus many cliffs, road is narrow, mud-rock flow, avalanche, and so on and so forth, [made] to work even harder. Its run of drive shaft on narrow steep mountain road in chola mountain. China post group co. , LTD. Sichuan branch for figure 'I most afraid of him an accident. 'Each in its ill drive his wife to the temple, Buddha bless him bon voyage. Its edge, said, if you meet the rainy season, the flood may encounter on the way, a problem with the road blocked will have trouble, not the car can only stay in the mountain, 'before you go, my wife will be ready to highland barley noodles, beef, such as food, I make do make food on my way to fill the stomach. '' the quilt is must take, plateau is too cold, or carry not to live at night. 'He paused, and added,' would bring a few bottles of oxygen. 'Because carry oxygen, he also saving people's life. Have [a], the snow all over the world, way chola mountain, its ill find filled with a thick layer of snow lay a person on the road, 'he was cold lips turned purple, also could not say words, I have a look at the situation, should be a plateau response. 'Realized that were in serious condition, its beauty is full to get her clothes off, wrapped it makes him a little warmer, and find out a bottle of oxygen to the coach to him,' after the oxygen absorption, he looks a lot better. 'Originally, this person is cycling enthusiasts, made a special trip from Shanghai, had to once, there was no obvious plateau reaction, and neglected to carry oxygen. 'He didn't want to bother me, but I still stick to send him to the hospital. 'Said in its ill, thanks to hospital in time, if let him ride in the mountains, and is likely to have life risk. Thanks repeatedly BeiJiuZhe excitedly, the obstruction for its beauty club confirmed on his body after feel free to leave.
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