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Kerosene lighter game tutorial

by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

a: best friend lily think ZORRO ZORRO kerosene lighter prices acceptable, this product design is novel, the only lack is the delivery speed is not fast enough, hope to be able to speed up as soon as possible. Floret think general feeling can also accept, look good, not only the price is very cheap, hope and durable. Tianjin netizens said. 。 。
a: is that taking the flint lighter, please learn with fingers and middle finger, and then light cycle, slowly with respect to OK to buy a lot of people you play is not fun it is good to baidu once ` ` ZIPPO lighter kerosene play old! ! ~ ~ ! ~ ! Video have ~! ~ ! Four fingers of gear, the right hand. 。 。
a: double axes cigarette lighters, homebred, Austria IMCO imports are sold online ( Love cool) S kerosene lighter product Ibelo ( Colibri) Kerosene lighter Austria IMCO old-fashioned good brand series of kerosene lighter lighter or more, or easy to choose, like cheese treasure Zippo. 。 。
a: this can't general said in a few days, because the lighter frequency is also an important factor. 。 。 And the structure of the various types of kerosene lighter, 'sustainability' also each are not identical, if is ZIPPO assuming a pack of cigarettes a day ( At ordinary times not disorderly lighter) , probably can use a summer, day in winter. 。 。
a: it is as you say, burning of aviation kerosene. Is there a good variety of gameplay. The most common form of play is the lighter clamp with thumb and middle finger, reoccupy forefinger open the machine cover, conveniently flint wheel pressure index finger slipped down, the fire came out. There's a more simple, is holding a lighter lower body, make a left, the lid is opened, and. 。 。
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