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'Kids' school learn 'self-defense' Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Begins on September 1, the first day of school, and the usual different is that the schools in foshan to the students on the first lesson is not opened the textbook, but to teach children & other; Self-defense & throughout; 。 1, foshan in the taihu lake in the elementary school held a ceremony kicked off the & other; Safety education week & throughout; At the same time, more than the city school classes, for students to instill safety knowledge. At the scene of the 1 in the primary school activities, LuYi mayor gave students on the primary and middle school students' emergency safety safety knowledge, to encourage children to strengthen safety consciousness in the daily learning. LuYi stressed that safety education mode can be varied, such as through the media propaganda, can also through the school organization students and parents to discuss the safety knowledge, and write a journal, by hand widening hand together to promote the safety work of the whole society. In fact, since the autumn, foshan city, the government will be the first week of the start of each school year, the first day of September 1 solstice 7 & other Week of school safety education & throughout; 。 In this weeks, education department, school focus on students to carry out safety publicity and education activities, to enhance students' safety consciousness and legal consciousness, improve the emergency disposal and the ability to protect themselves. According to introducing, city bureau of education issued 1500 sets for this & other; Campus security throughout 16 & prevention; Propaganda chart is assigned to every school in the city kindergarten, according to the characteristics of campus security printing & other; Fire safety, traffic safety, food safety, drowning prevention & throughout; Safety education topic bookmarks 900000, distributed to all students in the city, to various learning district school kindergarten organization conduct an emergency evacuation drill, a security oath under the national flag, the last time the subject safety education. Other schools in the city at the same time to carry out safety education. “ If a strange uncle to meet you, you want to go with him throughout the &; “ Meet a red light when crossing the street to do & throughout; … … On the morning of September 1, the new rings Shi Xiaoxue usher in the first batch of students, teachers for the new school freshman safety education training, cautioned to pay attention to safety. As the school for the new school, the students came to the unfamiliar environment, there is a familiar process, where can not play, what behavior is more dangerous, the teacher is particularly directed to students. According to reporter understanding, including rings Shi Xiaoxue, foshan new 12 schools this year, including 1 zen city, shunde each new school, the new three of the south China sea, clever and sanshui new five and two school respectively, the city added 25700 degree.
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