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'Kill p party members' wan cheng was arrested for drug trafficking had less - hit the kuomintang image Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Allegedly luxury nightclubs kill police case suspect less cheng, was sentenced after bail, but because he is 20, and drug arrested by the police. ( Image: Taiwan 'central news agency') The original title: kill police director too less than cheng was arrested for drug trafficking had hit the kuomintang's image overseas network, June 22 (Reuters) according to Taiwan 'central news agency' reported that allegedly luxury nightclubs kill police case suspect wan cheng, less by the court sentenced after bail, but he is 20, and arrested by the police for drug trafficking, unearthed ketamine on 14 packages ( Total gross weight, 34. 7 grams) Drugs and mixed secondary ingredients king demon coffee packages ( 38. 75 grams) 。 Peitou Taipei city police bureau investigation, headed by a male bamboo federal and don, selling drugs in pairs of north region, but less than cheng trial for murder was sentenced to eight years in April, during the appeal, yet he does not know to repentance, to join a group of male, assist in drug trafficking. Police after a long search, 20, 10 in the morning when the soldier multiplexing, in the lake district in Taipei, first-hand, the new north city triple area and other regions of arrested 7 person such as zhang suspicion, suspicion, seized shock rods, each 1, riot guns 1 bar. The police also seized on less than cheng ketamine 14 packages ( Total gross weight, 34. 7 grams) Drugs and mixed secondary ingredients king demon coffee packages ( 38. 75 grams) , after the police inquiry, the two people in accordance with the drug crimes such as referred to earlier. Earlier reported that the kuomintang internal audit 'gang to join the party atmosphere taken recriminations leaks overseas network February 16 (comprehensive according to Taiwan media reports, a few days ago,' killing 'Lord too little cheng to join the party and head of party members, hit the kuomintang (KMT) image. 24 the kuomintang ZhongChangWei yesterday ( 15) Founded in May to the investigation team, tracking who purposely leaked, malicious plant hype, but let the scene atmosphere wryly, asking each other between party members a may become the humiliating. To support wu den-yih ZhongChangWei Jonathan huang, Yao Jianglin and position relatively neutral Lv Xuezi 'fire', first deputy executive ChangSunYangMing castigating the party think-tank, accuses sun Yang Ming contribute criticism 'ZhongChangWei track gang to join the party refused to' lead to leak, let the sun into the infinite. So who first 'discovered' the new into the party member of the Mafia? Taipei party chairman yeung-jen Chen said, the thing is on January 24, late at night, by group will chair Zhang Yabing voluntarily notifies, electric batons, he the next day so detailed tracing, apply to join the party and party headquarters in Taipei city and then refused to return, so the application documents to the CPC Central Committee. The kuomintang central since not received the application form, group hair will chair Zhang Yabing learned how?
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