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Labor disputes cause electric batons, however - 'monitor' management and employees Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Yunnan webex ( Reporter Zhao Gang) Ordinary labor disputes together why you have a 'work' under the high voltage electric batons? On the morning of September 27, yunnan network hotline received a company employee source: because didn't solve the labor contract, the company's new management and employees create conflict, electric batons, employees were forced to work in 'electric batons loom over the'. To find out exactly, the reporter comes to source the phone calls the field to cover the cloud of yunnan wine investment co. , LTD. Before the reporter understands from the Internet, is located in the dianchi lake in kunming, yunnan cloud wine investment (of the road Group) Co. , LTD. , to revive liquor-making industry in yunnan province, to build a 'cloud' and form a brand, now has peace is located in yunnan, sichuan ancient igusa, states such as filling, brewing liquor production base, is planning a listing. The company has change the legal representative, the original legal representative Qiu Junxian executives for the shareholders of a company, the Marketing Department. Reporters arrived at cloud wine investment co. , LTD. , did not see the staff in the work under the high voltage electric batons, according to the company employees to reflect, many people go to work for several months, the company does not sign labor contract again not to buy social security, employees in accordance with the reasonable requirements after an inconclusive, just outside the collective to the place of incorporation wuhua district labor inspection team petition complaint many times. Cloud wine company hr and administrative management center learned that after petitions, temporary fill do retroactive contract, and the duration of the contract are not blank is forced to employee to fill in August this year. Sandrejerry that cloud wine company new management to hire security guards, illegal to purchase by the company hr and administrative management center equipped with high-power electric batons, to intimidate, petition staff employees forced to work under high pressure electric batons, caused the company grass-roots staff. And according to the provisions of the Ministry of Public Security, the enterprise is equipped with high voltage electric batons such police equipment will not be accepted. Then sandrejerry reception from the company below to find a high power electric batons, and said that the personnel administration center is to use it to intimidate employees. Staff on behalf of Mr Zhang said, at present, the company let employees signed the contract a lot of places is empty, what specific content, induction time, don't buy social security problem such as starting, rules of such contract violated the legal right to know the worker, so many employees didn't sign. Today about 70 people in the Marketing Department, only nine people signed labor contract with the company. And the manager of the company is in charge of personnel administration, Edward Yang said he just took over working cloud wine investment co. , LTD. , a direct result of the company legal person changes, involves many to fill do formalities, including the employee's labor contract, the five social insurance and one housing fund safeguard and so on. Some procedures of staff is not complete, issues related to the company is under processing. As regards 'use high-power electric batons to intimidate employees', this is the company's purchasing department 'mistakenly bought', original intention is not scare people. TongKai mining for director, said the employee's labor contract and left belong to the company before the reform of social security problems, at present, the company will be according to the induction time for all the staff to deal with as soon as possible, all the perfect question to all perfect. Employees reflect the march of earning job and sign the contract but exists the problem of change in August, the company will be for economic compensation of labor time before. Because the two sides differences too big, electric batons monopoly network, unable to get a unified understanding, said both sides should further consultations, yunnan network reporter will continue to follow up the progress later.
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