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Laohekou shi aborted - multiple network illegal business groups Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Mind our correspondent Liu Zhiyue and our correspondent Yang Hongwei gunshot: hubei xiangyang laohekou crime reason: from together for cigarette case, the police found a group of network clues by involved in the circle of friends '3 without' commodity sale, made a lot of money. 'From September 2016 to register online, to be caught, you my wechat business profit should be 20 or 30, ten thousand yuan. 'After the arrest, shandong guy xu confessed to the police. Recently, the hubei xiangyang laohekou police released recently carried a series of illegal wechat business case. 'Suspects were arrested, after we prepare the electric batons, police torch, handcuffs, etc all kinds of fake police equipment of a large, tear injector alone has more than 600, a public security organ at the county level for a year and we use so much. The policemen 'laohekou public security bureau Shi Haixiang said. False evidence leads to wechat business case from cases involved with smoke, laohekou shi clues to the police found a group of network involved. In February, laohekou public security bureau police brigade joint tobacco sector, to hide together in laohekou shi alleged illegal use of network management of cigarette case to carry on the preliminary investigation. Through the investigation, police found, laohekou shi illegal operations on the cigarette case is a wechat business, headquarters hidden in the sichuan dazhou. To find out the suspect wrongdoing, laohekou shi police has carried on the comprehensive investigation on wechat business groups. After investigation found that, on April 10, this wechat business groups to xiangyang somewhere to express a mail with a fake id and fake driver's license. On April 12, the policemen will buy a fake id and yao a capture of fake driver's license. On the same day, the police on suspicion of 'resident identity CARDS are bought and sold on the grounds that those involved in sichuan dazhou to initiate an investigation. In xiangyang city public security bureau with the support from the public security team and it team, the policemen found out the preliminary sichuan dazhou case online in hubei wuhan. April 25, the policemen mulling two ways to carry out the catch. All the way to the hubei wuhan, captured the criminal suspect should be certain, destroying its open wechat business illegal dens, find out its selling through the network simulation of items such as guns, batons illegal facts. The other all the way to sichuan dazhou, captured the suspect wang mou, destroying its called '* * * medicine elder sister id order' wechat business place, find out its selling cigarettes, guns, batons, through the network illegal behavior, such as false identity card, driving license. Resource sharing crossover operation through further verify the policemen, the two use wechat business platform to carry out illegal operation of the production base, with several of the illegal activities by using the wechat business groups linked to each other, sharing resources, crossover operation. , the police said the case wechat business groups allegedly 'forging, altering, buying or selling certificates of a state organ' 'infringement of citizens' personal information,' 'illegal production and sales of police equipment,' 'illegal business cigarette' 'production and sales of counterfeit drugs' and other crimes. To focus on illegal ACTS against the above, under the unified dispatching in xiangyang city public security bureau, the infringement of citizens' personal information 'to specify it department probing the laohekou public security bureau, other types of cases, the specified laohekou public security bureau police brigade probing. After further investigation, police found, every clue pointing to shandong weihai a man named 'appropriate * library' wechat business illegal gangs. For the ring after investigation, police found the gang suspected of buying and selling fakes, citizens' personal information, fake drugs, police equipment, and other illegal activities. At the same time, the group with linyi in shandong, sichuan nanchong, ganzhou in jiangxi, zhejiang yiwu and hubei wuhan to several illegal gangs wechat business resource sharing, sell each other illegal documents, police equipment, prohibited item. 'Appropriate * library' boss, is the beginning of shandong guy xu. In fact, xu before making a wechat business life condition is superior. After graduating from high school, xu in the help of relatives, successively won the local chemical fertilizer, cement and greening materials. Leisure, he comes into contact with the wechat business, just for fun at first, he tried to sell some commodities in circle of friends, but the basic can't sell. Meanwhile, xu found that there are a lot of people in the circle of friends ask electric batons and other contraband. In order to increase his popularity of micro business circle, he started in the business circle to find these goods, and then sold out. After a long time, xu found these things is making money. In a false medicine as an example, the purchase price is only two yuan, a changed hands can sell 20 yuan, the profit as much as 10 times. In September 2016, taste xu found an empty warehouse, open WeChat ID, called 'appropriate * library' hired two customer service personnel, in more than 10 friends specialize in all kinds of contraband. In order to expand the business scope, xu with several strangers online wechat business pool, the formation of resource sharing, a dragon service industry chain. On May 23, project is divided into five groups, police fanned out the above five provinces, in six separately to carry out the arrests. Across the great cooperate with the police and the main suspects Qian Mou, weekend, zhang and so on more than 10 people has been arrested. Under pressure, shandong 'appropriate * library' boss xu, surrendered to the police, the police in the warehouse of contraband seized a large truck. Goods are '3 without' products from the above five provinces six illegal dens and warehouse, civilian police prepare to electric batons more than 1000 root, police tear more than 600, 20 vice handcuffs, spy secretly recorded the secret made more than 300 sets of equipment, location tracking more than 300, more than 500 various models crossbow, pseudo medicine more than 2500 boxes and a fake id, fake driver's license for one batch of contraband. The police, according to the examination and appraisal, police seized equipment, spy equipment and crossbow, simulation, such as guns, false medicine were '3 without' product. At present, the police are still increasing probing and probing the case. , electric batons
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