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LaoLai electric resistance was detained by law enforcement officers hand-clapping three police be repel - slap Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Detained by the court to implement a 'LaoLai' fierce rebellion, by law enforcement instruments with electric shock after slapping a few face, and the 'plug' with their feet into a non standard police car. On May 26, ankang municipality han marina district court at the gate of the scene happened caused netizens, questioned the brutal law enforcement law enforcement personnel. The court said, the process of law enforcement is not standard, not civilized behavior, involved three police has been repel. 'LaoLai' detained refused to cooperate with shock by law enforcement officers, slapping Chinese reporters from the segment video on see, six man would be dressed in a brown coat, handcuffed man sitting on the ground surrounded, forcibly dragged to the central road. After, brown dress man was caught by a man in the revolt against hair pulled to a white beside civilian vehicles. At that moment, a black man came near, and took out a similar 'electric shock' items in brown dress man reached two, accompanied by two shrill applauded current, brown clothes man tore heart crack lung of cry. Another man take the brown suit men's face a few box on the ear, then, under the control of six men, brown clothes man was 'plug' with their feet into the white inside the vehicle. According to people close to the net friend, the site is located in han marina district court at the door, a few man of the court of law enforcement officers, was prepared to detain a person subjected to execution implementation, electric batons, but in the video display, white vehicles not court system, the police car. Morning of May 27, Chinese journalists to contact han marina district court office, director Chen, according to its, several men is the court bailiff, police officers, was several times after a loan from the execution of the person subjected to execution of the implementation of detention, the other party refuses to cooperate, against fierce, law enforcement personnel hence its use in line with the mandatory car and sent to detention han marina area. Captains of bailiffs admonishing conversation was involved three police repel and subsequently, han marina district court issued an announcement, previously, in handling han han GuanMiao marina district court court marina district rural credit association for enforcement a dalian Hu Mou loan contract, the court in 2015 on May 15, send a notice to the person subjected to execution Hu Mou, but the other party repeatedly escape, summoned by many still refuses to appear in court. On May 26, the court then decided to 15 days in jail in accordance with the law, but the other party refuses to cooperate, against fierce, law enforcement personnel hence its use in line with the mandatory car and sent to detention han marina area. Executed vehicles are not standard in the video after the police car, electric shock Hu Mou is still being slapped by law enforcement report, said in a backyard for court more narrow, vehicles, police cars stuck in it cannot be pulled out, then use han marina district rural credit association private cars detain a clerk. After the preliminary investigation, the court in the process of law enforcement, law enforcement is not standard, not civilized behavior. On May 28, han marina district court to those responsible for processing after investigation, the court bailiff battalion chief Yuan Yuhua for three police daily management lack of education, and the use of civilian vehicles perform detention without stop, cause bad effect. On the basis of the central commission for discipline inspection, the central organization department 'about the party member the leading cadre admonishing talk and write to the interim measures of the relevant provisions of the Yuan Yuhua admonishing conversation. Its police zhou yuan fierce, Luo Yanchao, Zeng Jie in assist bailiffs law enforcement process, with short hairs, hitting, use uncivilized, irregularities, such as the electric batons, on the basis of han marina district people's court temporary labor personnel recruitment and management interim measures 'the relevant provisions of this three people repel and back to the labor dispatching company. Chinese journalists from the net friend comment on time: dare brutality in the middle of the court, the court law enforcement officers are just that. Cloudy day 123: electric batons beat people already, why slapped and kick? Is this also for law enforcement? The road is too long: we're going to climb, don't know all the facts don't in judgement. May be the suspect refused to confess. Through machine: if cooperate with law enforcement, but also be compulsory measures? If the other party refused to law enforcement, always can't call bailiffs kneeling begged him. Ankang a passer-by: 'LaoLai' really hateful, the suspect was under control, why use electric strike? In some people's view, in the face of the spot 'LaoLai' wish! China has a long way the rule of law.
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