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Launch 'electric business in wenzhou lucheng city' six big action

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19
Lucheng launched six actions to implement electronic commerce development, actively promote 'electricity in city', to speed up the transformation of economic development patterns.
'to the lucheng industrial zone is given priority to, through the lucheng e-commerce industrial park construction, gather many in the field have a certain basis of JingXiaoHu and electricity enterprises, promote the development of electrical business enterprise and industry. 'Zhou the relevant person in charge of commerce bureau told us, in building e-commerce platform, lucheng will speed up the construction of e-commerce industry gathering area, especially the street town will be combined with the' three a ', 'half astern into three' work, integration of idle housing, the old factory building, such as resources, to start the cultivating e-commerce building, e-commerce, e-commerce village ( Community) And so on.
wenzhou first e-commerce industrial park - — Lucheng e-commerce industrial park has been successfully settled in lucheng double island street, with a total area of million square meters. Was launched in the first phase of the industrial park, a total of thousands of square meters of construction, the deals are expected to reach one hundred million yuan.
it is understood that in order to create electricity business alliance platform, luchen will use 'Chinese shoes are', 'metal case cigarette lighter', 'razor', etc. We produce, and leather shoes, clothing, bags, glasses, machinery and other fashion authority of consumer goods industry advantage, relying on the complete product supply chain, strong brand influence, the traditional commercial element such as a sound business networks, relying on the industry association in various industry to build a number of 'electricity industry alliance'. Through cooperation with alibaba, guide and encourage enterprises through e-commerce platform in foreign trade export and overseas wholesale or retail, promote the stable growth of foreign trade export, improve overall physical trading of the Internet. Relying on wenzhou shoes shoe international electronic information shoes city, wenzhou city, wenzhou city market, such as to cover 'products perennial sales, e-commerce transactions, warehousing logistics, argues shipping linkage' new formats, introduced 'taobao', 'Tmall' and other third-party e-commerce platform, realizes the online and offline, organic combination of entity and the network market, and to help traditional enterprises constantly expanding market share and brand awareness.
at present, lucheng has emerged as a green, digital, shannon shares, kangnai, one, Su Ningyun, red giant network, etc. A good growth of e-commerce enterprises.
Ye Zhou pine is the managing director of zhejiang larento shoes co. , LTD. Years, he personally led the old man head company new e-commerce department, were recruited from hangzhou as a group engaged in the electronic commerce of high-end talent, almost people team. Relying on professional team and precise positioning, the old man head brand become Tmall footwear sales champion in a single week. The old man first shoe industry e-commerce sales this year is expected to exceed one hundred million yuan.
taste in footwear sales at the same time, the shannon Ye Zhou loose its co. , LTD. , also to the electric company, engaged in wenzhou local specialty, first-of-the-season ecological agriculture, leisure food sales, now has the high market visibility. To the end of the month, shannon food electricity has achieved sales revenue exceeds ten thousand yuan. As the company's resources optimization, in the second half, shannon food e-commerce will fly by and implement qualitative breakthrough, to meet the annual sales target of $ten thousand.
at present, luchen is stepping up efforts to formulate and perfect the electronic commerce and long-term development plan, plans to start cultivating and industrial park ( Building) , more than one year to achieve cultivating e-commerce talent people, above fundamental research work to conduct electricity enterprises, guide on the gauge, limit the application of e-commerce enterprises above; District-level finance took out ten thousand yuan a year to set up the electronic commerce development special funds of funds, to optimize the electronic commerce development, supporting the introduction and training of key enterprises and platform construction, electric business, etc. At the same time, luchen will also increase support for the development of electronic commerce land, tax breaks, financial services and so on various aspects of policy support.
wenzhou municipal committee, lucheng district party committee Wang Litong said that the current electricity industry is developing rapidly, is the enterprise new sales growth point. He encourages enterprises to grasp the existing market, to become bigger and stronger in the field of electricity, the entity shop with electricity, with the development of the electricity to further promote the development of offline store, gradually achieve 'electricity in city'.
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