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by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

please enter your question here described in detail, facilitate lawyers understand the case, to obtain the lawyer's biggest help. Books to people on (date) (month) (year) from hk to our wholesale department store lighter processing contracts, purchase equipment in the wholesale department ( Lighter aerator) The price of us $. Lighter parts after filling the wholesale department is responsible to recycle, in our original contract ( The party a) Arrangement, head of the technical personnel on-site installation and debugging equipment, until after the normal production, but the party a to I ( Party b) Equipment and parts, there is no corresponding obligations in accordance with the contract, I am in no technical personnel when the equipment installation and commissioning guidance on the ground. And equipment failure, often lighter gas filling dissatisfaction or charge blasting. In addition to the following:. Party a is introduced equipment can be aerated - working day hours Bulk, actually only around a filling ( After skilled) 。 。 Contract on both sides who delivery who paid for the freight, but has been borne by himself, the other parts or damaged goods is unqualified, after complete fittings are not corresponding. ( Valve and aluminum mat owed a) 。 Supplier not in time, the hair bulk, only two months production days without work, delays without compensation. 。 Mainly in the network false advertising attractive to enter into a contract, I am on the contract illegal behavior supervision and treatment measures for the file, that party a in violation of this law with article 6 ( 2) Our wholesale ( The party a) There is no production license, do not have to entrust party b to the processing of production and products processing recycling relations of cooperation. ( 3) Sales channels, integral back much for production interests, actual production, there is no big production accordingly. ( 4) Concealing important facts, according to party a's online do not tally with the actual underlying profits analysis, indicate the charging a lighter inflatable cent cost, actual around money, bulk cost. Yuan, actually. Yuan, the actual cigarette lighter aerator I model in yuan, sales party a RMB to very high price to me, whether through price bureau for examination and approval. 。 Citing first under small contract or part of the contract method, first a few send oneself processing components, on the grounds that the product model in production, after the termination of the delivery to party b, causing delays without work, party a shall make a corresponding delays for compensation. 。 Malicious set in fact can't fulfill the terms of the contract, the contract the parties can not be fulfilled, at the time of delivery to party b by party a to party b after receiving through the inspection found that the parts damaged seriously, and some are old parts or processed unqualified products. In a normal online (party a 。 — 。 ) A pressure can be full of lighter gas but the actual needs. Some dissatisfaction with some high explosive pressure, pressure, are easy to hurt. Online cooperation projects in the present value of the yuan lighter printing equipment and raw materials has not yet received, also owe lighter assembly tool set. 。 Providing false, equipment lifetime warranty, defective didn't perform sent people instruct maintenance. 。 Party a is default double compensation but also fails to perform the contract, on the grounds that the party a personal illness and refund time delay via examining goods, caused by party b cannot normal production operation. For all these reasons to party b for party a does not press all matters of the contract, apply for to cancel the contract with party a, party b and returned to yuan the whole equipment, and the corresponding parts damaged expenses and midway shutdown of lost wages and penalty due to breach of contract, two months, Because don't work for party a to party b on time to provide machining products are original and not timely recovery of bulk product) caused by the The request processing and urge to perform the contract by party a to party b to do the corresponding compensation. Added the supreme law relating to business contract dispute case applicable law interpretation article 25 people don't perform or improper performance from the payment obligation, the buyer can not realize the purpose of the contract, the buyer claims remove of the contract, shall, according to article ninety-four of the contract law 4) Items and support. Article 26 the business after the contract is terminated due to default, observant party claims to continue to apply the liquidated damages clause, shall be supported; But the agreed liquidated damages too much higher than that of the damage caused by, can consult the processing of the second paragraph of article one hundred and fourteen of contract law. Article 29 of the sales contract if one party default loss caused to the other party, the other party claims compensation can get profit loss, shall, according to the claims of the parties, according to the contract law article one hundred and ten, article one hundred and nineteen, their interpretation of article 30 and article 31 etc in that applicant: ning a ( Party b) (date) (month) (year)
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