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Li keqiang inspect grain: after crush grain asked 'save two or three years

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

li in hunan zhuzhou review
the original title: Mr. Li, and decentralization can't 'them' to improve the work efficiency
li encourage business advice: bold said, don't be afraid of
xinhuanet month according to the report of 'xinhua viewpoint' weibo in zhuzhou city, hunan province pledges inspect bureau investigation, prime minister li keqiang site please do advice: 'bold said, don't be afraid. 'Someone is put forward, hoping to realize online formalities. Around the prime minister said that the future will form a registration service 'a net', make some registration procedures can be at home, thus reducing the time of registration, saving the cost of enterprise, improve the efficiency and effectiveness.
li, '' agents must not charge
day, prime minister li keqiang in hunan zhuzhou investigation and to delegate work. Heard the local examination and approval formalities that register to provide the service of the enterprise, the prime minister immediately ask: 'there is no charge for you? 'Said, head of the local, all formalities by the government affairs center,' free '. Li said it can. Can provide the service, he said, but must not charge. Li keqiang:
and decentralization can't 'cutting', but also improve the work efficiency,
in hunan zhuzhou investigation and to delegate li said: 'put right is not equal to can wash, but also pay attention to improve work efficiency. 'He stressed that the next stage, should be a summary of the experience of' decentralization ', also want to strengthen the regulation of things after the event, and supervision work in place above, practical and efficient.
li: grain storage to buy into, well, sell
'the food to save two or three years? ', li keqiang, on a visit to the central grain reserves zhuzhou grain depot, grabbed a handful of supplies to rub the rub, or bite open a grain asked after taste. The staff is nodded. Prime minister, said in the past, we require wide food, good food, good food, mechanism, is now also do buy into, well, sell, to make a contribution.
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