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Liaoning fuxin processing assembly plant lighters wholesale generation processing

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

the company over the years accumulated a large number of market channels, the unified repurchase JiaGongHu processing into a lighter, sales, for the investors to build a real low risk business platform. As a mass consumer goods has very broad market prospect, and is not subject to regional sales. Plastic brand has high credibility, through advertising bombardment, form a good brand effect. With first-class quality and ultra-low prices preempted market, for customers to provide quality services and professional. Update ceaselessly, make processing lighters, percent of pass up from % % %, assembly speed has the characteristics of beautiful and practical and durable, to ensure the project continues to market advantage. In each area, the company strictly manufacturer number, avoid vicious competition among. Easy to learn hours can learn. Agent can be put into production, after the first day to the raw material, the second day can make qualified products. Into several thousand yuan, tools, materials and mechanical equipment can produce. Ensure the partners do not worry about pin is strong continue to guarantee every partners. Perfect after-sales service guarantee the door receiving, cash settlement, to ensure that the partners to look easy. Free long distance check; Perennial supply of high quality raw materials; Free training technology, long-term services, product sales guide
site description: provide lighters family lived for the manual processing, door-to-door recovery, cash settlement processing fee, without qualifications, experience, factories at home. :
the cooperation process. Directly to the generation of machining process: signing lighters to bring my id card directly to the company to the company business department registration customer data, by the business department to send staff to lead customers to visit each department, and signed a cooperation agreement to finance department to pay the corresponding equipment to the technical training, to the logistics department to receive the deposit machinery and equipment, raw materials, tools -> to despatch contact logistics company logistics fee shall be borne by the company to go home to start production.
  . Generation of machining process is not convenient to sign a contract lighter: a message to the web page to provide the goods information, Address, telephone number and name) To contact the business department to verify and improve customer data, business department provides financial accounts, carry out the corresponding cooperation by credit gold by the customer to logistics department finishing equipment, raw materials, tools, business department to sort out the contract, the technical department to arrange technical personnel to despatch contact logistics company, logistics company delivery to the customer and technical personnel to install equipment, training to the customer to start production.
note: company full consideration for way far away, the inconvenience to the company of the client, you only need a small amount of equipment the deposit in advance. When upon receipt, call our company, we will get the goods dispatched on the same day, the rest of the fees can pay again after the arrival of the goods.
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