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lighter and more robust piston ring for high performance ...

by:Tianwang     2020-06-14
Through this latest article, we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance piston and engine parts in India.In the past 40 years, we have completely changed the market with high quality products and won the trust and confidence of our customers.Piston is one of the most important parts of internal combustion engine.
With the progress of technology and the deepening of research, the design and function of the piston has also made breakthrough progress.In addition to transferring energy to the connecting rod, the piston has other functions such as helping better atomization, rotating fuel mixture, etc.These days, it\'s hard for us to see the flat top piston in the engine, which is one of the reasons.
One can find the complex design of the piston crown because they can perform several other functions.They also help reduce emissions and burn better.Due to in-depth research in computational fluid dynamics and computer fieldsSuch a piston design came into being.
Each piston has a groove cut where the piston ring is located.With the continuous improvement of the piston design, the number of piston rings required has been reduced.Most Pistons use only three rings, namely, compression rings, two rings and oil rings, each with specific functions to perform.
The compression ring is the top ring that helps seal the combustion chamber, thus preventing leakage of air or gas from the combustion chamber.Under the compression ring is the second ring to seal the combustion ring, which limits the oil supply in the cylinder head used to lubricate the piston and compression ring.The oil ring is used to scrape off excess oil from the cylinder head.
Although the piston can prevent the loss of air or gas from the combustion chamber, due to the movement of the piston ring, it is definitely possible to produce a certain amount of air or gas, thus creating a gap within its groove.In order to prevent any blow caused by the movement of the piston ring, during the installation process, most of the gaps are kept at a distance of 120 degrees.Cylinder head is widely called cylinder head.
It is a cylinder-like block that is mounted on the engine to form a cylinder.They are known to provide three main functions: \\ r it helps to form a sliding surface of the engine piston.\\ R it provides heat transfer from piston and piston rings to coolant.
\\ R it acts as a seal to prevent the discharge of air or gas from the combustion chamber.\\ R because the cylinder liners are exposed to harsh working conditions, they are easily worn out over time and hinder the overall performance of the engine.Therefore, their proper maintenance and daily inspection are very important.
Cylinder head wear is mainly caused by one of four reasons: when the two surfaces slide each other, friction, corrosion, wear, adhesion, friction is caused by wear.Corrosion occurs due to oil combustion between free spaces of the engine, or due to reduced service load resulting in a decrease in combustion chamber temperature.Wear is caused by the presence of hard particles in the fuel, metal fragments, Ash formed during combustion, etc.
Regardless of the situation, it is important to check regularly whether the engine can provide high loadResults of performance
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