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Lighter assembly

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

found he handed her the car cigarette lighter. She's just moved to is still a very tired without god is like. 'What's wrong? 'He simply burn out the rope for her myself. At this time he didn't know the hands are rope traces. 。 。 JiMu don't want to got out to examine the, fool kids might work, want to lie to him? Any without. 'What's wrong? How to stop? 'The unknown so li qing leaned his head asked. 'A man fell down. 。 。
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I hope you can uncover, don't let the good citizen be duped again. 'PM yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to Dennis before the supermarket agriculture, didn't find Mr Wang said the young man. Reporters after around looking for. 。 。 He took out a lighter lit a few times before the smoke point. Then, the reporter asked him to show hide legs into the trousers as disabled people begging for money. He saw no harm, smiled the shoe on his left foot broken off and sit on the ground. 。 。 Fact -
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