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Lighter factory blaze fire shaoyang real out false fire

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

lighter factory blaze shaoyang real fire put out false fire
in order to further improve the forces ability to fire fighting and rescue work, ensure that squadron in daily fire fighting and rescue work can more effective rapid disposal of all kinds of fire accident. Month, shaoyang, hunan province fire department according to the characteristics of the key unit of jurisdiction elaborate organization, careful deployment, in-depth jurisdiction corporations carried out such as fire fighting and rescue work practice.
drill is set, the damage of the shaoyang a lighter factory warehouse store a lot of finished product lighter fire, the fire quickly burn through the building and spread around.
called exercises command immediately after the launch exercise plan, rescue orders quickly, and at that time, exercise tense and orderly. To the scene, fire officers and soldiers immediately grasp the rescue time, mulling two battle. One organization personnel for fire fighting, fire officers and soldiers quickly the car parked in the warehouse by the north pool, use hand lift pump of high spray car alone under constant water injection, to ensure that sufficient water for fire fighting and rescue work. The second is the rapid rescue trapped personnel. After site investigation, fire officers and soldiers immediately the use of various tools of the rescue, and then rushed to the scene and the rescuers carried the wounded together on an ambulance, in a timely manner.
the minutes of struggling to save more, 'fire' has been successfully put out, exercise a success.
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