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Lighter outward processing

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

years, the new 'the people's China customs regulations on processing trade goods, the first 11 amendments for & amp; Zippo。 Is he made on behalf of male beauty photosensitive and hot Zippo lighters. It besides the beauty of practicability and wind, each kind of Zippo. 。 。
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product outward processing practices to ensure that the outward processing parts in the process of outbound, transport, recycling can effectively the quality of the products.
Apply to all outward processing semi-finished products.
。 Warehouse is responsible for the material number of outbound, recycling warehouse management work.
。 Quality department IQC is responsible for the quality of the material inspection and judgment.
。 Purchasing department is responsible for the follow-up and statistics work.

。 The production department to outward processing. 。 。
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the fuselage is mainly brass plating or silver plating, also use large amounts of Chinese lacquer of China ( Chinese Chinese lacquer is, in fact is the manual processing of Chinese paint, Japan) , and then carved exquisite design and decorative design in a utensil, do manual work is very fastidious. Lighter in audio, peng into the era of sound. Peng introduced a unique Ligne lighters in lift machine cover, lighter opportunity to send out 1 of 'ding', crisp sweet, be peng's signature sound. The voice is installed in a machine cover. 。 。
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