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Lighter slogan

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

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Main business, production of high middle-grade lighter parts.
Shops & lt; br> , inflatable equipment manufacture and sale of lighters, full-automatic aerator, semi-automatic and manual filling equipment.
, lighter assembly tools.
, can do advertising lighters lighters. Print logo and slogan, phone number and address. Custom-made object for the winery, wine agent, dealer. 。 。 -
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so they gave it a nickname - — 'Ronson', a kind of famous brand cigarette lighter. M Sherman is not medium tank with best performance during world war ii, but its large number of equipment with the use of Montgomery and patton's smart, to make it in the allied occupies an important position in the sequence of weapons and equipment. General patton is under the command of military armored division major equipment M tanks, they after d-day played a major role in every battle, in the spring, a pack. 。 。
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field relic have a lighter, such as charcoal ash. Squatting on in the bin outside playing with lighter boy soon reminiscent of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale 'the little match girl', the cartoon on the date the new. 。 。 Wide. Meters, white cover can be closed.
, according to witnesses to live beside the dustbin is a demolition site, 'the children inside the demolition site fence, written in some plastic tarpaulin, cement block and triad has a slogan. 。 。
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Zippo lighters name come from? We know the kit kat ( Kit Kat) Chocolate because of its unique original can be easily broken into four pieces of the structure design and popular, it is the slogan of 'Have a break, Have a Kit Kat' is also quite flattering! The unbeaten classic design includes wallpaper, kettle, chairs, furniture, cars, refrigerators, jukebox, walkman, computer, mobile phone, the robot dog and so on product design, this paper introduces the design of these related to daily life. 。 。
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the reputation of shunde guangxi state lighter factory. After recent efforts, the group has grown to have many large companies, household appliances, mahjong machine, chemical, engineering plastic, wood and other manufacturing and research for the integration of large enterprise groups.
Guangdong your group was established in year, headquarters is located in known as & amp; Quot home appliance kingdom & amp; Quot the reputation of shunde guangxi state lighter factory. After recent efforts, the group has grown to have. 。 。
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