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Lighters ads - printing Pour diesel lighter seized by the police man ran his wife company sentenced a year

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

company pour diesel lighter seized by the police man ran wife a year sentence for
a man threatened to set fire was sentenced to one year
due to conflict with his wife, ryu has bought diesel oil spills, and threw the quilt on the diesel, pulled out a cigarette lighter threatened to set fire to his wife's company. The police rushed to dispose of, ryu emotional still refused to hand over the cigarette lighter. Yesterday, reporters learned from dongxihu court, ryu behavior constitute arson, was sentenced to one year.
according to prosecutors accused: ryu family conflicts with his wife because of economic problems. Point more minutes in the evening last month, ryu comes because of a dispute with his wife again angry, so spend a dollar to buy some diesel, rushed to his wife in an electronic technology company, sprinkle diesel pour on themselves and on the ground, also throws the company room inside the quilt on the ground that is stained with diesel, pedestrian carry lighters, light diesel oil set fire to the company and set himself on fire. After receiving the alarm, the police came quickly, ryu was arrested after uniform.
the case in the process of trial, ryu's defenders argue that ryu themselves surrendering lighters, discontinuation of a crime is a kind of behavior. Discontinuation of a crime and 'refers to the process of the crime, automatic give up crime or effectively prevents the consequences of the crime from occurring, as encouraged by the behavior of criminal law can be exempt or a mitigated punishment. But that argument was overruled by the prosecutor, evidence, ryu because of outside will not succeed, discontinuation of a crime is a criminal attempt refers to a rather than.
the court found that when the police rushed to the scene, ryu hand-held lighters still agitated, with resistance. Ryu constitute arson, is attempted crime, but in comparison with one who completes the crime, be given a mitigated punishment, then make a judgment concerning the above.

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