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lights out: cable, transformer repair hits power supply | lucknow news - times of india

by:Tianwang     2020-06-14
Lucknow: more than 8 Lach residents living in different places have to spend less than an hour
On Saturday, there was a long blackout due to ongoing maintenance of underground cables and transformers in the city.
Affected areas include Hazratganj, Lalbagh, Kaiserbagh, Naka Hindola, Aishbagh and Husainganj.
Residents said that when they contacted the Lucknow Power Supply Bureau,Lesa)
The helpline told them that the power had been disconnected due to the repair of the underground cables of Lalbagh, Hazratganj and Kaiserbagh.
On the other hand, residents in many other places were told that the power had been cut off due to the transformer upgrade.
In most places, power supply is interrupted between ten o\'clock A. M. and 8.
The rush in the morning plus the lack of electricity has brought a lot of inconvenience to consumers.
Medical services in many nursing homes in Hussainganj and Hazratganj are affected by power outages.
Patients in nursing homes and clinics have to wait for a long time because of power outages.
Doctors at the local nursing home say they use emergency equipment and power backup from wards to treat admitted patients.
Educational institutions in Hazratganj, Lalbagh, Kaiserbagh and Husainganj were also subject to a lot of inconvenience until power was restored around the afternoon.
Madhukar Verma, chief engineer at Lesa, said the work on updating the transformer is still in progress.
\"To ensure that each transformer can withstand enough load in the summer, we have accelerated the pace of work.
We have been working so that residents will not face any problems due to power outages in the summer.
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