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Listen to the grass-roots series: auxiliary police police too? Why so many embarrassing - work Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Comment journalist Chris what now, grassroots police station work reorganization, facing increasingly complex, even in the situation of 'fit all', the inadequate as many long-standing problems. In this case, a place only through various channels of employment of auxiliary police staff and auxiliary police become one of the main force, undertake the task of grassroots governance. Main force is the main body, but many people feel that 'perhaps which day public security bureau, don't I, have no sense of belonging, the salary is not high, influence the stability of the auxiliary police force. Large FeiJingWu activities contain the already tense police resources, grassroots police station is more and more evolved into institutions of 'universal'. Things more, police less embarrassed situation, make a lot of places can only be through various channels mass hiring of auxiliary police staff to solve this problem. In recent years, cangzhou city, hebei province public security organs through various channels to hire auxiliary police staff nearly ten thousand people. Cangzhou city public security bureau chief Li Keliang introduction, cangzhou since 2018 the auxiliary police help to solve criminal cases in the city 1068, arrest illegal crime suspect 1256, 145, the disposal of all kinds of emergencies direct input basic information collected more than 430000 article, provide clues to 1321. Even so, the social identity of the auxiliary police team, professional sense of belonging is generally not strong, lack of different degree NaQuDongLi root, lack of vitality, lack of long-term stability of jobs. Interview, auxiliary police to comment reporters that their pay and poor more police. 'A civilian police police say is equal to 1. 5 auxiliary police, but a policeman treatment is almost equivalent to three auxiliary police. '' because identity is different, some auxiliary police work is not steadfast, think public security bureau, do not have to him one day. Said, head of the political department personnel bang 'cangzhou city public security bureau, traffic police law enforcement units such as pavement enroll formal police rarely in recent years, the police team as a whole not much fresh blood into the city expands unceasingly, the public security work pressure increasing, more and more use of auxiliary police personnel, reform is imperative. Reform around work, face a lot of embarrassing though are continually push, but in actual work, the auxiliary police still has a lot of embarrassment. The title of some auxiliary police, said police is the national unification, but not auxiliary police, in some places the scouts is also regarded as auxiliary police, called multifarious. The 'auxiliary police and police, so where is the positioning of auxiliary police, law enforcement and security in where? If the auxiliary police after police, civilian police have weapons, the auxiliary police whether has the non-lethal weapons such as stun guns? 'With auxiliary police told reporters that the comment is now in addition to the police have weapons, other what police all not line, electric batons, limited deterrent force in law enforcement. Although the law made some specifications, but many auxiliary police think is far from enough, law enforcement, cautious, there is no guarantee. People don't understand, legal interpretation is not in place, the deterrent enough, make effective auxiliary police disposal ability. 'Work, we deeply auxiliary police force in primary role is very big, they leave some jobs, but the pay is not good, team motivation is not good to mobilize. 'Bang said, if the lack of professional guarantee long-term auxiliary police team, quality is uneven, there are even some unhealthy phenomenon get' quick '. To force a growth channel in February 2018, at a national conference of political science and law, improve the level of auxiliary police job security, a auxiliary police management detailed rules for the implementation. At present, the related reform is moving forward, but a lot about the content of the auxiliary police identity need further refinement. Some in the industry, said the excellent auxiliary police can turn to the police, place may have idea, auxiliary police at the grass-roots level have desire, but how to implement, what channels, so far there is no clear specification. Some cadres at the grass-roots level, said auxiliary police reform if it is the national game, you need a national system design, clothes to be unified, unified level. Now many times around the reform is 'each with its own', the threshold have high low, some parts of the auxiliary police like a police, some parts of the auxiliary police like a security guard, the image and credibility of the auxiliary police to a certain extent is difficult to ascend. Many auxiliary police advice, to speed up the flow policy study auxiliary police. In parts, auxiliary police and the public security bureau is sign the contract unit, rather than unity and the public security bureau signed, to a certain extent reduces the auxiliary police for the professional identity, nor ease of mobility. In fact, the auxiliary police force has great potential can be dug inside, a lot of auxiliary police quality is higher, after many years of experience, experience of dealing with the complicated situation at the grass-roots level, suitable for other positions, the missing just flow channel. Editor: Xu Xicai
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