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LOL foreign media: one of the greatest EDG and SKT evenly matched - ADC is smile Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
( Abstract] Seem to smile not only conquered the domestic players, especially in foreign renowned! Today ( On August 26) Earlier, the world's largest esports website theScore esports is responsible for the foreign tieba hero alliance a few editors in reddit held a question and answer activity, which is responsible for the LPL division Kelsey Moser is among them, she is a staff engaged in LPL events, and team also have relations, LPL each war on LPL division in the western world is the most authoritative figures. 2016 world championship is coming, let's take a look at her, what do you think of the LPL division. Q: who is the LPL division you have high expectations but in fact fallen player? A: Otto, Saint team in single player, A once I like it very much. He was called the electric stick or solid rod in China, this guy is very talented, once lived in YG and IG club. I've seen him in a live broadcast, this guy smoking, take-out and easily beat his opponent at the same time. But he was really too reckless, beyond my imagination, electric batons, and always his death many times. Q: why are you concerned about the LPL league? A: A cliche topic, since IPL5, I was just A hero alliance fans not editing, I was like as FNC and Rekkles, so he went to see the match. But I was captured by WE team immediately, see smile after I just understand oneself after playing for so long to understand what is the ADC. Try to describe the how strong it's really hard to smile, he play and we are different. Anyway then I began to see the LPL league in 2013, and very infatuated with the OMG clan, this let I creation impulse become LOL editor. I watched many games as possible video, find the reasons which some troubled himself. Q: which player at first, you think is very poor but in the end becomes very much? A: Mlxg, this guy drives me crazy. At first when I see him, I think he is good, is he doesn't care about the game, the secondary begin to gank, do what you want to do. He and zhong joy yi is the core of 2014 King clan in LSPL league, but they are always in the game 30 minutes lost the rhythm. In 2014, this is very terrible thing, because EDG team is known for his team coming back late, so when the King and EDG team meetings, they almost all win. I once thought Mlxg cannot surpass ourselves, but in 2014, King into the LPL Mlxg looks less aggressive, began to develop, he and many different, also has a lot of fans. I remember Mlxg Kakao said at the beginning of 2015 is the best play wild players in China, this year he became better. Q: how did you contact the hero alliance? A: some of my friends was very like to play this game all day long, so I in S1 is close to the end of the season is starting to play, went on to become his career. But I guess I still watching the game more than playing games. Q: the top three teams in LPL and LCS of the top three teams in Europe would be a strength comparison of case, we weren't sure S6 qualification team, just tell us the truth according to your opinion. A: I remember last year I was asked the same question, I think the G2 is relatively close to EDG and RNG team level, but who knows, the final results in general I think LPL division more stronger, my comprehensive strength ranks will be: EDG> RNG> G2> SPY> UOL> IM. You may wonder why UOL above, to be honest I think UOL will beat H2K qualification, if is the world's performance I think is: RNG> EDG> SPY> G2, but this is just a forecast, I don't usually like to do this, but in this month I will analyze in more detail. Q: what do you think of 6. 15 version changes will affect the Chinese team in the finals of the world's performance, they can return to the world's second division level the S3 / S4 season? A: I don't think this version changes will affect the ranking of the Chinese team, in line and can't say that really hurt the EDG or improve RNG performance. They are still a lot, may be the world's second largest division I think RNG and EDG or LCS level than in Europe and North America, but now the TSM team also looks strong. Q: so what do you think who is the third spending line LPL global finals team? According to the performance of the regular season, do you think LGD, ) Team need a new playing field? A: I think IM and WE team is close two teams, the competition between them must be very interesting. As for the LGD team, if they did not happen next season's squad list change I would be very surprised. Q: I am LPL division fans, we have some questions. What do you think of EDG contrast ROX and SKT team? Do you think Scout and Pawn who play more who is more suitable for team? IM still WE team qualify do you support? A: I don't think the SKT is still so strong, I want to EDG team and they are, because of SKT team play wild aspects or some problems, and EDG team command to do better. ROX team should be the best of their team. Scout looks at more opportunities, electric batons, Pawn I think will be better, but he recently there are all sorts of problems so it is difficult to judge. But if play Pawn, he can bring great pressure on the map, a crazy atmosphere belongs to Pawn. And Scout is very stable, he may not have a great performance, but the summer season is better than a Pawn for EDG team style. WE and IM team, but difficult to arrange because IM team have blue square option, so I still support IM team.
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