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London subway station stabbed case 3 injury is terrorist attacks - police said Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Local time on December 5, London, United Kingdom, leighton stone subway station a man stabbed to people. In Britain, the guardian reported London leighton stone ( Leytonstone) Subway station on December 5, local time, a man stabbed case, witnesses said, was quoted as saying, knife-wielding man shouted 'this is for the sake of the Syrian' at that time, electric batons, police said the case as a terrorist attack. According to Reuters, the city of London police spokesman pointed out that the police in 5, 7 in the evening when the news arrived at the scene, head of the man with a knife threatening many passengers at that time. The police man uniforms and arrested all stun guns. There are 3 people were injured, including 1 man injury crisis. But not yet confirmed the spokesman reports described suspect shouted 'this is for the sake of the Syrian' at that time. ( Letter lotus)
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