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long-term use of ozone steam sauna therapy has potential to slow or stop cancer cell growth

by:Tianwang     2021-01-05
The use of ozone steam sauna therapy as a holistic approach to cancer treatment is based on the premise that cancer cells, in fact most microorganisms, are hypoxia and therefore cannot thrive in oxygen
Rich environment.
Enriching the blood with oxygen reduces the chances of cancer cells surviving.
In addition to creating an unfriendly environment for cancer cells, enrich the blood with activated oxygen (or ozone)
Has the added benefit of oxidation of free radicals in the body, thus acting as a natural cleaner.
Although ozone steam sauna therapy is relatively new and its potential effect is still unknown, it has long been
Long-term use of this alternative cancer treatment approach may slow down or prevent cancer cells from growing, but only in combination with other alternative and/or traditional cancer treatments and only in a strictly controlled environment.
At the European Medical Foundation\'s alternative cancer treatment center in Phoenix, Arizona, patients receive careful evaluation and customized treatment options to meet their unique health needs.
Background regional therapy is based on the concept that nature produces ozone to purify the air and destroy the organic decay on which disease pathogens and bacteria live.
In the environment, ozone occurs naturally by ordinary oxygen (O2)we breathe.
In the process of photosynthesis, plants release oxygen (O2)
In the atmosphere.
When these molecules are in contact with the sun\'s rays, ultraviolet radiation converts oxygen into heavier molecular ozone (O3)
, Also known as \"active oxygen\" because it has extra oxygen atoms.
Ozone is unstable and its extra oxygen atoms can easily be combined with other atoms, oxidized and purified.
Once additional oxygen atoms are used, ozone will return to its original form, oxygen.
Ozone is the most active state of oxygen, which contains a large amount of oxygen.
The potential benefit of ozone therapy is one of nature\'s most powerful antioxidants, purifying and cleaning.
Because healthy cells thrive in oxygen
Rich environment and ozone provide a rich source of oxygen and clinicians have been treating ozone since the middle term
1800, although they did not reach a consensus on their efficacy.
International peers have published many articles since 1990
Review the journal and report on the positive results of medical ozone research and its application in a wide range of pathology.
The study included animal experiments, patient records, Placebo
Human trials and reviews for controlling blindness.
Traditional ozone therapy includes intravenous infusion;
Intra-muscle injection
Joint and intra-disc injection;
Water for ozone;
There is also an ozone gas sauna.
Some of the more common advantages of ozone therapy include the following: 1.
Loss of activity of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and native animals.
Stimulate the immune system.
Purify the blood and lymphatic system.
Enhance circulation and remove arterial plaque.
Simulate oxygen metabolism.
Dissolution of malignant tumor steam sauna therapy: use of the hypervision steam sauna in conjunction with other alternative and/or traditional therapies to fight cancer.
The room was built with ozone.
They provide the best ozone concentration from 3% to 5%.
Ozone is produced by an ozone generator and then dispersed into the sauna, which is designed to wrap the body while keeping the patient\'s head open and exposed to the environmentventilated air.
This can prevent patients from breathing ozone at high concentrations, which can be dangerous and should be avoided.
Ozone is rapidly degraded and usually starts in 30 minutes, so a closed sauna allows technicians to quickly saturate small chambers with treated levels of ozone, and prevent it from accumulating in the ambient air.
When the ozone is pumped into the sauna, the hot steam is also introduced into the sauna.
Ozone therapy uses heat and moisture to have several potential advantages: steam and heat can cause pores to open, initiate the detoxification process, and improve the body\'s ability to absorb ozone and discharge toxic substances.
Ozone reacts with toxic substances, neutralizes and breaks them down, producing organic peroxide in oil discharged from pores.
These natural oils contain a small amount of ozone in the newly produced peroxide, which extends the role of reactive oxygen species.
The evidence suggests that the body is well equipped to take advantage of these organic peroxide as researchers have demonstrated that by-products of ozone steam sauna therapy increase \"fixed\" free oxygen in the blood.
The benefits of an ozone sauna are recorded for up to three weeks.
Therefore, through the natural process of the body, highly active ozone molecules eventually form stable oxygen molecules.
Stimulate the entire lymphatic system during treatment.
Deep Cleansing of the skin.
If enough heat is used for a long enough time, the body will react with heat, and the temperature inside the body will start to rise.
The effect of ozone steam sauna treatment protocol ozone steam sauna treatment is cumulative, so although occasional use provides some remaining \"maintenance\" benefits, it does not address chronic diseases. Long-
In the long run, frequent use of this alternative cancer treatment may slow down or prevent cancer cells from growing, but only if combined with other alternative and/or traditional cancer treatments, and only used in a strictly controlled environment.
Ozone steam sauna treatment immediately prompts the body to start removing toxic waste accumulated in the body, but does not help the body to actually eliminate the process.
Routine treatment can cause considerable stress on the lymph and elimination system of the body, including the liver, colon and skin.
Therefore, successful treatment depends on the body\'s ability to continuously eliminate toxic burdens while preventing \"oxidative stress\" in the body \".
Oxidative stress is extremely dangerous to the body.
When subtle oxygen cycles of oxidation and antioxidant activity occur in the body
Oxidation is out of balance.
In healthy individuals, this metabolic process occurs naturally and easily, but it is not natural for people with chronic or degraded diseases.
For this reason, when we re-
The introduction of active oxygen in the body, we must be able to \"clean up\" its effect.
Therefore, antioxidants should be a mandatory ingredient for all ozone therapies to help the body prevent oxidative stress.
Since ozone saturation has a potentially damaging effect on the body, interested people should only seek treatment from reputable centers.
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