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Ma and rural teacher 'to return to the classroom, class can also so! - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
'The classmates good! 'A familiar greetings, Jan. 7 in the morning, the sanya sea 100 rural teachers and 20 village headmaster, began' to return to the classroom for a day. Jack ma, the activities of the development of rural education 'to return to the classroom,' is not only the communication between the teacher, but also education concept of beginner's mind with a wake and collision, each year for the teachers in class teacher team in all walks of life, especially the 'dream ticket', is ultimately want each country children become better myself. 'Class can also so! 'All morning in the notes and when students and faculty of ma, and present the teachers are quite feel the same way:' a good lesson, a good teacher, will give you inspiration, vision and imagination. 'Begins at 8 o 'clock in the morning exercise, tai chi master lectures zhan-hai wang, to give you the essence of Chinese martial arts, ma public foundation director li served as teaching assistant at their corrective action, more two former NBA legend dikembe mutombo, alonzo mourning and teachers together, very interesting to learn the Oriental sports. Morning reading time, monitor of rural teachers prize in 2019, wang liping, brought together in the melodious rhythm to read the 'book of songs, WeiFeng, papaya, and when reading' of ', the teachers more like a kid clap hands while chanting, podium at ordinary times so also experienced the happiness of the 'return to the classroom. Ma has said that the worst subjects in their chemistry, and web celebrity chemistry teacher, trill has more than 600 fans on sichuan guangyuan middle school chemistry teachers to wave into a 'all things of chemical science, let all the people listened with relish. In science class was laughing, chemistry is a nightmare or enjoyment, all appear to be a teacher. In class the teacher wang ma said, 'for the students in my class are all very knowledgeable, I want to write about the composition of the orchids! 'Cattle class music school's founder, musicians hu for rural teachers composing lyrics theme song' burning ', today is embodiment of music teacher, make a bottle of mineral water bottles filled with red bean instrument, hit the racket, 'China hit 500' lead teachers feel the music, feel the life. In 'back to the classroom of the classroom,' Mang water town primary school in yunnan province is longer than the spring cloud, and is also a has more than 20 years of experience in teaching language teacher, 'rhett boat teacher teaching Chinese, from the characteristics of lotus content, to the growth of the people, to the growth of the character, the final sublimation of the national spirit', which also makes Yu Chunyun focus more on how to combine teaching, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study in the classroom in the countryside. Yunnan after 90 yuan Yang county rural elementary school language teacher Wang Ze, like using adapted songs fill the ancient words to teach, and listen to this time rhett boat after the teacher's class, teachers feel is biggest, the original ancient prose class can also so a sense of ritual, electric batons, 'from the interest of the child, I will continue to adhere to the combination of music and language. 'Zhou yuan was born in 2000 rural teachers and spectrum, and hunan province xupu sanjiang town of mathematics, physical and chemistry teacher, he was seen to wave of each video,' through the story to the teacher let the students like school, learning in the happiness, harvest in the communication, the students will no longer feel chemistry is a boring course. 'And in the class meeting link, Mr Ma also hope that all the teachers and the common thinking about a problem: what to teach children in the class? 'I hope we to think, use the method of innovation, inspire children's imagination, stimulating cultivate children's creativity, so that they always full of curiosity about the future, confidence in the future full of hope, forever, even if they do not have the knowledge, but it can let the children with learning and independent thinking ability, to adapt to the future. ”
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