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Machine efficiency from substitution'

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

I heard large foreign enterprises in jiangxi province in the east China sea fine machine co. , LTD. , 'substitution' machine efficiency, output jumped by ten thousand yuan to one hundred million yuan, the reporter went to interview a few days ago.
'I'm sorry to keep you waiting, just now is working with head office in the United States held a TV phones. 'When the reporter into the door, deputy general manager of the company Qiu Lilin warmly meet up. He said, settled in longnan in the east China sea, the main production lighters, firing gun and its spare parts, with branches in many countries and regions. 'Come on, we went to the shop to look at it. 'Qiu Lilin said.
looking around the whole workshop, with full automation of the production units, but not a few people, workers do these machines need not operation? Qiu Lilin saw the mind of the reporters, he said, pointing to work station, in the past, each workshop is full of workers, we sat together and are placed at the front of a pile of parts and components, all adopt manual installation debugging lighter. Since years, the east China sea fine gradually equipment update and improve the mechanization of work station. A few years, the company money for technology up to hundreds of millions of dollars.
'why so willing to spend to 'machine substitution? 'The reporter asked.
'mainly because the job more difficult. 'Qiu Lilin directly answer, lighter producing this belongs to the labor-intensive enterprises, at the beginning of east China sea fine choose longnan, abundant labor compare one is seen here. With increasing enterprises have settled in longnan economic and technological development zone, and has been expanding its own development, recruitment is becoming more and more is not easy, and not only abundant orders, this company also have pin. In the end, forced the company to implement technology to upgrade.
listening to the Qiu Lilin introduction, the reporter also noticed that, in the east China sea of pure implement each workshop production division of labor is clear, specializing in the production of spare parts, some assemble finished product directly, others is to put the finished product packaging boxes. In the finished product workshop, the assembly of the cigarette lighter 'run' on the production line, the machine can also identify the factory seconds, automatically put it out of the production line 'kick'. Here, the reporter saw the workers are working dong-mei zhong, asking only that she is a new park in ren town village people, not far from the company, has been working for years of the essence in the east China sea. She said, just to the east China sea fine at work, it was a full of people in the workshop, a manual work at least a decade or two workers, you busy work, also can talk. 'Now are mechanized operation, not so tired, but couldn't find people to speak. 'Dong-mei zhong quips.
'now one operation for automation, the equivalent of a person can do personal work before. 'Qiu Lilin took us. Today, the east China sea precision apparatus has hundreds of automation production, the annual output of lighters billion, muskets tens of millions of hits. Number of workers have been made by the previous people to people, but by the year of ten thousand yuan output value, jumped to one hundred million yuan. ( Li Shengxiong reporter xiao-qiang zeng)
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