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Maintenance and troubleshooting of ultraviolet flame detector

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
1. Ultraviolet flame detector in the process of monitoring gas, fuel combustion, gas, fuel burns may meet emit pollutants, UV ultraviolet flame monitor probe of quartz lenses sticky dirty dirty, affect the UV detector of UV signal reception in a flame of fire, resulting in reduced sensitivity, thus to guarantee the normal work of the UV detector, must not on a regular basis ( According to the using situation) Wipe the probe lenses, keep clean and transparent. 2. Sensors in the late life, sensitivity will be decreased, so after using for a long time, if discover the sensor sensitivity can not meet the actual requirements, should be timely replacement of the UV detector. 3. Can't see the flame: ( 1) Check whether the power supply is normal power supply; ( 2) Check the connection between the probe and the module is normal; ( 3) Check whether the probe light pipe is in good condition, is whether the flame in the sensor to monitor the effective perspective within the scope of inspection methods are as follows: photosensitive  first observation pipe shell have burst, photosensitive pipe internal electrode is damaged, in guarantee under the condition of the whole, the light tube to another good probe to check again, if the work is normal, that light pipe is in good condition, and light pipe is damaged, it should be replaced in a timely manner. Adjust the Angle of the sensor with visual method, can make the flame within the scope of the probe effective perspective. 4. False positives: check whether the working power supply is too high, if there is a short circuit signal phenomenon, whether interference sources, such as welding on site.
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