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by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
In my spare time after work, in learning power platform chanced upon the Chinese people's liberation army maj gen jin 'from misery to glory' wonderful lectures, very exciting, professor jin yinan around & other; Why should we be patriotic & throughout; And & other What is the real way of patriotic & throughout; Two topic, with abundant historical materials and blood story, about China's one hundred national history of suffering and to revive the glorious struggle history in one hundred. History, even if is gone, but infinite charm; History is like a mirror, everyone can be found in the history of shadow and entrust; History always amazing similar, how many people look on how much time history repeats itself, little imagine period, however, is the person's own will to determine the similarity of history. Behind the theory is trite, how can let oneself not lag behind, how can you have a national sense of crisis and ZiQiangXin, is we need to go to the vigorous and vigilant. Today, history of hatred in the eyes of our generation should be dismissed, but should be about thinking and reflection of the history of our generation. How to stand among the peoples of the world, not by hatred, not stick to, by mind and wise, to put aside their differences and complement each other, go forward. A single spark can start a prairie fire. The communist party of China has just established recently when not many people would believe that the weak party to save the old China, will eventually win China's future; Few people think that in the mountains and rivers grass long march of the team, are saddled with this the greatest nation in the world all the expectations and national rejuvenation. It is to have the innumerable outstanding Chinese people, the spirit of advance wave upon wave, risk one's life, through the blood of the martyrs. Involve forward surrender action, all individuals and even the life is devoted to the party and the people and the people without reserve, we finally achieved national liberation and independence; It is for the fate of the country and socialist construction, excellent party member, day and night work in their unremitting struggle, innovation, and create a wei unyielding national image, an ancient nation with modern quality, is now the prosperity of our great motherland, explore these history, only then can let we really listen to the true meaning of life, from persistent motivation. “ The great river east to go to, the wave depleted, historic figures. ” The heroic and spirit, how history mighty, each of us is only one grain of dust, but each star dust has the value of its existence. How many great men, born is so mundane and even mediocrity. “ Not everyone, electric batons, can in order to reflect the long history of short life. ” But we have to do is play the role of the in this world, guarding the greatness of our plain. Knowledge comes from practice, not long-term practice, sum up experience of dribs and drabs, it will be difficult to make the right decisions at crucial moments, this is summed up in the failure of countless of the value of the experience and lessons. Failure is the mother of success, but only after failure of practical experience accumulated in their own strength, when the chance of real success comes, we can grasp. Professor king set about writing the suffering brilliance, sorting data alone with two or three years, during which, he read 500 books, note of the more than 200 words, the last 15 years time constitute a masterpiece of more than 520000 words, in this pompous style of study, academic fraud, pushing the social reality, Mr Kim this rigorous doing scholarly research attitude, seeking truth from facts, respect the attitude of the historical truth is we have to learn. Our life does not have to experience much suffering, not must also be made much glory, but steadfastly go our every step, every ordinary people every step of a solid will achievement of the final glory of our country. Standing on the commanding heights of the history, the former battlefield have the smoke clears, grand picture of a great era is spread out before us, history is relative, dialectical. We as future generations, is written the history, to take the baton of predecessors and run good belongs to own a ride, completes the historical heritage, the creator, we in the in the struggle for the brighter future of the motherland! 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