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Man alongside women found each other is a fugitive electric batons beating blackmail - $380000 Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Know lover is after the escaped prisoner, electric batons, not only not active disclosure report, also to coerce, electric batons monopoly network, extortion of 380000 yuan. Recently, the wonderful work the kang and his lover zhang both fall into the French open, accept the law. Kang, 30, this year is yantai muping district, accidentally met more than 50 2014 - year - old woman zhang. Zhang, though more than 20 years older than kang, has been to pose as the identity of the richest, generous, both in dress and make up hair is very fashion, kang and zhang soon develop into a lover relationship. At the beginning, zhang often give kang money, kang later discovered, zhang was not so rich that he thought and a bit of a mystery. Out once, kang found that zhang met the police in the street is panic, then continue to cross-examine, from zhang fragments, kang conclude that zhang mou certainly has a problem, is likely to be a fugitive. With this judgment, kang no inform on to the public security organs, but inwardly secretly pleased, think this is a good opportunity, ready to make a hefty. On March 21, the goods such as kang with electric batons to zhang mou of a residence in laishan district. Kang to zhang, you have know zhang mou is a fugitive, he doesn't call the police, if zhang want to give him a sum of money. Zhang said he did not save money, usually spend all the money come serial fraud, so will be listed as a fugitive. Unexpectedly, kang adamant4, adopt the method of beatings, electric rod, forced zhang wrote a 380000 - yuan ious, and asked zhang hurriedly trying to give him the money. Kang left, zhang home has a few dial to debt, zhang mou be compelled helpless, more think more feel no way out, then to wanghai lai shan public security bureau police station gave himself up. Zhang mou to surrender at the same time, report to the police, said kang to extortion, beatings, make oneself wounded thigh was electric batons. Transfer the fugitive zhang to chefoo police police, and then the criminal suspect alleged extortion by muping kang arrested. Kang how also didn't think zhang would surrendered to the public security organs, and to the police catch yourself.
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