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Man broke the motorcycle didn't oil side in the morning to steal oil fire

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

the original title: there was no oil man penniless motorcycle side to steal oil fire
in the morning in the morning, there was no oil motorcycle, tang-wu (at the age of Not his real name) Motorcycle gasoline by greed, theft. Because and negligent, tang-wu flame lighters close to view the stolen bottle is filled with gasoline, and ignited gasoline as a result, caused a fire, burning down the side of a shop, himself in prison.
today, the reporter understands from liuyang case.
stole gasoline burned a shop in the morning
tang-wu is liuyang, without work, mixed with various Internet bar every day, in Internet cafes, for home, life support by family and friends. .
o 'clock in the morning on, tang-wu in liuyang city, the lent a Internet cafes, after waking up penniless when hungry he found himself almost no oil, motorcycle and ride a bike to a nearby cafe to find a friend to borrow money to eat, come on. 'Yet to find a friend at the bar, I think from other's steal some oil in the motorcycle and my car. '
in order to avoid being found that tang-wu to a lonely dinan street alley, a few motorcycle stop here.
tang-wu from side picked up an abandoned empty bottles, pull off the pipeline of a motorcycle, the tubing from plastic bottles.
'after a burst of, the feeling is a little heavy, I want to see inside the bottle is filled with gasoline, near darkness, I will take out a cigarette lighter light close to looked at the bottle. 'Because of this small act, a bottle of gasoline was lit in an instant, the flame suddenly shot to tang-wu holding a bottle on the left hand, motorcycle followed burning up.
tang-wu after shout loudly 1 bottle with a throw, rapid fire put out his hand, and for fear of being found that drive tang-wu quickly fled the scene.
unfortunately, burning, gas cylinder was tang-wu impartial to store door, before long it caused the fire, the noodles and wine shop was burned, be tang-wu bunkering motorcycle was also.
for theft by administrative
through many times, finally lock tang-wu, days after the incident to nab it. In fact, tang-wu for theft, multiple impose administrative stir-up-trouble by authorities.
today (date) (month) (year), tang-wu is liuyang to arson to Sue the people's procuratorate, liuyang the trial. In court, shop operators also filed a criminal incidental civil compensation, 'appearance inside, drinks and other property is, the loss of ten thousand yuan. '
stood in the dock tang-wu left hand also has a visible scar on the back of hand, it was burned when bunkering. 'I was only temporary caused the fire, is not set, I am willing to compensate for the losses, but there is no ability to pay compensation. '

judgment is committing arson, the court sentenced to years
held tang-wu used in the process of theft of petrol lighters lighting fire, have the obligation to blazes, eliminate safety hidden trouble. But tang-wu knowing existence condition but not cry for help, don't call the police, the fire occurrence attitudes, its behavior constituted a form of arson. In the end, the court sentenced tang-wu fixed-term imprisonment, merchants loss more than yuan for compensation. ( Sansho metropolis daily)
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