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Man drunk driving force their way card auxiliary police dragged out dozens of meters - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
14 45 points, 18 in hebei langfang city guang Yang district wu yu line White House township east yongxing bridge crossing, electric batons, a white commercial vehicles at the Beijing plate a duty auxiliary police dragged tens of meters, the auxiliary police's at the corner of the crossing to jilt to take off, then continue to accelerate away from the scene. After the verification, this driver for drunk driving, was criminal detention. On 18 July afternoon, langfang field auxiliary police, traffic police brigade captain led two brigade execution at the scene of the crime drunk driving and other serious traffic offence investigation work, the traffic police on duty for a hanging plate Beijing white vans driver routine inspections, parking the car driver pretend to cooperate to check. In the auxiliary police on duty will exhale alcohol test, baton into the window detection, the pilot launch vehicles began to accelerate, don't take care of the hand of the auxiliary police was entrained within the car window. Auxiliary police officers were dragged dozens of meters, is the car's at the corner of the intersection to jilt to take off. The vehicle drivers knowing that someone is towed vehicle, not only did not stop to check the situation, to rescue the injured, actually accelerated fled the scene. Shortly after, on some other civilian police to recover quickly run to the car driving direction, after a few minutes, within the wood a few miles away from the scene, police escorted the drivers caught and tried to escape. After investigation, white vans driver Ann so-and-so is drunk driving, the breath testing, the blood alcohol concentration of 188 mg / 100 ml, already suspected drunken driving motor vehicles. In view of the above facts, the policeman on duty according to legal procedures to contact related staff medical institutions take the samples from Mr So-and-so. After detection by forensic medicine appraisal center, Ann so-and-so blood alcohol level of 155 when the crime happened. 79 mg / 100 ml, drunken driving motor vehicle, on suspicion of dangerous driving crime. Be dragged Ann so-and-so driving and fell to the ground of the auxiliary police head facial bleeding, a pass by the scene of the taxi driver see emergency situation, together with the presence of other civilian police to the injury of unknown auxiliary police rushed to the hospital. After the initial diagnosis, auxiliary police laceration of zygomatic arch fracture, right eyelid, left hand skin laceration and contusion right facial and body area contusion, is still in observation of treatment in hospital. Beijing youth daily reporter learned from langfang traffic police that case happens, the police took the car driving recorder, record video shows the car keeps high speed, even in the auxiliary police be left off and fell on the road, have shown no signs of slowdown white vans also, and the driver while driving shouted 'trouble, trouble after ather. After investigation, the driver of the Ann so-and-so behavior violated China's 'criminal law' relevant provision, on suspicion of obstructing public business, the crime of dangerous driving, Ann so-and-so has been langfang on July 19, 2019, criminal detention, public security bureau guang Yang bureau is held in a detention center in langfang city. Article/Beijing youth daily reporter Dong Zhenjie
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