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Man holds special electric batons rob lone female police have been supervised clever tackled the thief to justice Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Guangzhou daily news ( Reporter Dong Zhe correspondent Wei Hongdong, PangGuoCai) Since June, after a 90 men often at night in the streets, handheld electric shock stick it rob lone female, also caused a pregnant woman head injury in the robbery. Yesterday, zhangmutou bulletin, said the public security bureau have been supervised by the investigation, the robbery suspects was finally caught the scene captured some of the stolen goods such as mobile phones, cash, uncovered robbery five series. Many nights alone woman robbed since June, in zhangmutou town river garden to stone horse bridge road ( Hereinafter referred to as the crime section) A robbery happened every couple of days. Through the in-depth analysis of the case, most civilian police found that a few cases of robbery, there are many similar places: crime time is concentrated in the evening at about 20 to 22; The scene at green river guan hui road garden to stone horse bridge sections; The suspect is a young man robbed on foot; Suspects tools are used in a electric ones, and the targets are single women who travel. To most policemen helpless, sections of the crime in just two high-definition video surveillance cameras in the middle of the blind spot, unable to get effective surveillance images. Program analysis of police, the criminal suspect has certain counter-countermeasures, carefully chosen victim is also passed. According to the information on the case, most police judgment, the case shall be the same person, cases. this series can be used as a case, and according to the characteristics of cases, focus on the target sections have been supervised, target time, target an ambush. Has committed five after two days and two nights have been supervised casing, on June 19, 22 PM, police found that the suspected man alone, out of the hotel, walk to the road of the crime, soon followed a lone woman entered the green river garden district. Then, a young woman walking alone through the right stone horse bridge sections. See no one around, suspected man suddenly took out a stick of shock stopped the woman way, and threaten its handing over the property. See at the edm electric shock stick, frightened young woman was handed on mobile phones and cash are suspected man. Then, immediately suspected man fled in the direction of green river garden district. Lying in ambush near the police immediately attack, tackled suspected man to the ground, and on the spot from the suspected men seized millet mobile phone and hundreds of dollars in cash. After the interrogation, the suspect ryu confessed to rob many times. At present, ryu criminal suspects have been zhangmutou public security bureau criminal detention according to law, electric batons, the case is under further trial. According to the police verify, electric batons, ryu has 5 cases of crime. Police action: wallet put to escape women often night or middle night, should try to go together or pick up by family members. After get off in the middle of the night, such as some distance away from home, please keep the phone contact with his family. Learn to observe if there is a suspicious stranger trace behind him. If found someone was following trailing, to nearby homes, shops, supermarkets go anywhere there are a lot of people, or call contact with relatives and friends, an emergency call 110 report to the police. Best buy a two self-defense weapons, such as whistle, pepper spray, or strong light flashlight. Police also reminded, encounter robbery or robbery will calm observation, pay attention to capture the characteristics of the robbery, looters, including the gunman shape, height, face, accent and commit crime using the obvious characteristics of the color of the car, license plate number, etc. If the predator for the purse, wallet to put, criminals are likely to go to pick up purse, at this moment is the right time to escape.
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