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Man invites a masseuse rape - in a few hours Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Man wang mou with the masseuse WeChat release recruitment information, electric batons, set a trap, then holding batons, handcuffs of wealth for the woman to apply color again. Recently, after qiqihaer city gannan county public security bureau Interpol brigade meticulous investigation, will eventually escape the criminal suspect in ha Yang farm wang mou arrested. Late January 12, this is a very quiet night, who lives in gannan county dongyang town ms jiao has the worst. 8 PM, under the escort of others, ms jiao rush to gannan county public security bureau Interpol brigade to report. Man WeChat urgently seeking masseuse data diagram late January 12, send WeChat messages claiming to gannan county a business center, said that need a massage therapist, pay a lot. See WeChat focal lady couldn't move the heart. At this moment, WeChat the other end, a man urged her to work today, let her take a taxi to the qiqihaer city mei rhys area immediately and perce township government door waiting for him. Believe ms jiao, after take a taxi to get 50 miles away in his town. Got off the bus, in the dim light of night di lady saw a 30 - year - old man, driving a white jetta cars waiting. Without further ado, the man urged ms jiao riding in a car he was driving, straight to gannan direction. When passing through dongyang town near the village, man suddenly driving down the highway. During driving, the man sitting in the co-pilot of ms jiao harassed, by her refusal. Man a look, not from ms jiao took her to the backseat, then stopped. Angry man, from the trunk and took out the prepared electric batons and tong ms jiao a few times, and then bullying ms jiao took off his clothes to be raped. After man with carry handcuffs ms jiao against kao, ms jiao eyes and legs bound with tape, the back-up box installed in the car. Feel desperate and helpless in the middle of the night, ms jiao was man used electric batons to beat again. Men also found a piece of bank card from the focal lady handbag, bullying name password after, in an ATM machine, will ms jiao's only 180 yuan bank card balance off within 100 yuan, and fleeing to gannan county xinglong village, near the ms jiao release, then disappeared in the darkness. After screening found the suspect had more than 400 places, because ms jiao the ravages of 19 hours and tortured by criminals, look trance, she can't say the first of the crime scene. Under the investigator carefully calm, ms jiao spirit gradually stable. So the investigator overnight in ms jiao, under the lead of the check, Yang farms, assets, longjiang county of Inner Mongolia, stolbtsy mei rhys area to carry on the monitor, to take the car to, looking for the criminal suspect. At the same time, to obtain the time monitoring, focusing on the gannan county, dongyang town around the township, the town more than 400 hotels and hundreds of Internet cafes of illness, the criminal suspect and ms focus to provide physical characteristics, key to intensive screening with spotty record. Scout 22 PM on January 13, in dongyang town east mount, found that the jetta sedan from north to south, after half an hour from south to north and mysterious. Investigator followed nearly 100 li, as a result, the jetta car disappeared in the monitoring. The track inspector was in trouble. On January 18, 3 PM, just when the investigator is a hindrance, the scout has learned all the way, in the bayonet direction of assets to gannan, once again find a suspicious vehicle. Investigator is pleasantly surprised unceasingly, concluded that the criminal suspect in gannan county town of the vehicle. So the investigator in the Interpol battalion chief Lu Jinlin command, intensive screening of gannan county. At around 10 am on January 20, investigator found again in a cafe near the vehicle, on the day immediately query on the staff in the morning. Found that, on January 19, a man named wang mou in Internet cafes, also found that wang mou have criminal record, who ha Yang farm. Investigator will immediately wang mou in Internet cafes monitoring screenshots and compare the image of bayonet, wang mou to determine wang mou is suspect. With support from the municipal public security bureau, the investigator is rushing attack, to check ha Yang farm, will hide in a residential building of the criminal suspect arrested wang mou. The criminal suspect arrested after wang mou confessed, who lives in check he Yang farm and loans in 3 years ago bought a digger, unable to repay the loan. Not the satisfaction of him, in June 2014, with lover go to hainan tourism, the results have a natural and unrestrained spending more than 30000 yuan, more and more debt, then a thought rob money to pay his debts. The criminal suspect is keen on the Internet wang mou, miss hearing is rich, it is illegal to think their money and come, rob them into silence. Then, he borrowed money bought a jetta sedan, bought electric batons and handcuffs looking to commit crime. On January 12, he issued via WeChat false information in a massage business guild recruitment division, just eager to find live ms jiao see information, fall into the criminal suspect wang mou in the trap. At present, criminal suspects wang mou on suspicion of robbery, rape, the crime of illegal detention by gannan county public security bureau criminal detention.
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