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Man is room shock woman woman more man in the room was containment - an electric shock Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
The original title: naked male shock more than one woman woman was wearing only underwear man naked male shock shock a woman, woman is more man wearing only underwear electric shocks. Recently, electric batons, some netizens in weibo launch video, revealed a woman be more young men in the room, containment and received several defibrillator shocks. Video after the release, police in nantong, jiangsu province has been investigated. In this period of less than one minute video, many man would be a woman a containment on the bed in the room, many of them wearing only underwear, a man using an electric shock the woman many times, and asked the & other You run not run? ” All the rest of a mobile phone. Women being shocked when bellow, could not bear. Network video content distribution diagram in the rapid spread of the Internet, some netizens said, electric batons monopoly network, according to the dialogue accent in video, the parties should be in jiangsu nantong tongzhou people. Then certification for weibo accounts in the district of nantong, jiangsu province public security bureau yesterday issued notice at noon, said the police had quickly attention and investigation, the case investigation is underway. At 10 am today, the account alerts said & other; Some captured name of cao and so on five suspects. ” Network pictures this afternoon, China youth network reporter called jiangsu nantong tongzhou police, a police officer wang told reporters that event is local, but the details are still unclear, & other; For those involved have just been captured, the case is still in the trial, so I hope the public don't speculating, everything with the findings of the public security organ shall prevail. ” At present, the case is continuing investigation, China youth network will continue to pay attention to the matter.
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