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Man is suspected ATM illegal camera blackened with lighter to a fire

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

a man because of suspected that the bank ATM part of a camera, it is illegal to steal the customer of the bank card password, try to use lighter blackened the camera when you pick up the money, as a result, an ATM machine.
on Monday night, a fire broke out an ATM machine. A police investigation this is a man-made accident, the cause of the accident to let people in distress situation - —
it is one of the China construction bank ATM machine, is located in xixia district zhejiang mall downstairs. Xixia west the police investigation, because reporter is suspected arson.
officers survey the scene, the ATM has been. In conjunction with the bank staff, the police seized. , according to a pair of middle-aged men and women, the withdrawal man twice combustion with lighter at the top of the ATM. The two men left, ATM burst into flames.
by obtaining information of withdrawal, the police locked the suspect on June 21 to capture it. Of confession in criminal suspect zhang: he and his wife took the money on the ATM machine, doubt that the camera on the ATM is someone illegally installed, to steal the customer credit card number and password, then take out a cigarette lighter, want to put the camera blackened, baked by his wife, after twice two people then left the scene. But I didn't expect that the fire left ATM.
at present, zhang mou on suspicion of deliberately property, have mandatory measures taken by the police. ( Reporter Tan Lei)
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