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Man owed a gambling debt risks with tools such as rod to rob passers-by - many times Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
原标题:是其他! Owed a gambling debt desperate times with electric tools such as rob passers-by suspects ( C) 落网。 18:00 PM on January 5, nanjing sun yat-sen's mausoleum police station received a public alarm, said wang mou in purple mountain huatai when climbing the mountain, was a man from behind and necks with electric shock stick, took the article such as a cell phone, cash 100 yuan. 接不到报警后,中山陵派出所民警火速赶到案发现场,立即联系医护人员抢救受害人员,该时开展侦查阴谋,一方面调取案发现场周边监控,一方面在案发现场周边搜寻可疑人员。 与节目时,南京市公安局刑侦局,玄武分局警大队等上级部门接不到警情汇报后迅速派成员赶往破案现场指导。 5日22:00,经过侦查人员紧张的资讯,排的情景,在课后于在监控视此时中发现了嫌疑人踪迹,快速明确了嫌疑人力体态特征,查明了嫌疑人力逃跑路线。 6 3:00, suspect foothold finally confirmed by police in nanjing pukou dormitory a site. 3:50 p. m, suspects were arrested, police seized on the spot was looted items. After the interrogation, electric batons, the suspect zhang Lin ( Male, 59 years old) Robbery crime after pleaded guilty to 5. Trial, zhang Lin confession owed by network gambling gambling debt, robbed many times. At this point, on November 6, 2019 to January 5, 2020, successively many times occurred at the waist area of hiking near zijin shanxi horse, with a stone, a hammer, electric tools such as attacked passers-by, rob malignant robbery case series all solved. At present the case is still under further process. ( 通过讯员杨维斌王云记者陈勇) ( 责任篇:章华维,罗委员)
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