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Man rape gypsy women drivers - robbery Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Gong Mou and wang mou pinch after he quit his job in the rented accommodation in plot to rob the unlicensed drivers profit, and preparing for self-defense electric batons, knives and other tools. After repeated checking, two people to determine the near south xin zhuang, haidian district, Beijing sijiqing engaged in unlicensed business women drivers name of cao as the goal, will also be the rape after the robbery. A few days ago, haidian procuratorate on suspicion of robbery, rape arrest for two people. This year on March 9, 11 PM, Gong Mou and wang mou on the name of cao then, on the way wang mou pretends to motion sickness, after successful cheat name of cao parking, two people will have prepared the tubes in the name of cao head, the hands and feet bound at the same time, the electric shock body. After two people will be the name of cao iPhone 6 cell phones, hundred yuan cash and bank CARDS, certificates, etc for your own. Then, wang mou is on the back of the car will name of cao rape. Got the money is less, because Gong Mou, wang mou and force the name of cao to accusing driving people need medical treatment compensation on the grounds that ask it to make a remittance of 3000 yuan. After fruitless, two suspects ditch the car and fled the scene, after the name of cao alarm. The police investigation, respectively Gong Mou and wang mou arrested. A few days ago, haidian procuratorate on suspicion of robbery suspect Gong Mou, wang mou approval of arrest suspected of robbery, rape.
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