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Man robbed a gold necklace with electric batons intercepted cycling dash - shock civilian police sentenced to six years Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Legal network haikou on November 24 (reporter XingDongWei correspondent yu-hua shen Cui Shanhong hainan haikou senior man in the street carrying knives, electric batons Wan Yuanjin necklace, robbing others value by defense team to intercept, cycling collision defense players with a dagger, electric batons wounded defense players. Today, electric batons monopoly network, haikou longhua district court of first instance for robbery sentenced wang mou prison for six years. On June 3, 2014, wang mou carries a dagger, a electric batons, riding a motorcycle to the door of the south Long Kun the address hotel in haikou city, while wang mou tuan unprepared, wang mou to ride a bike from the left, and stretched out his hand and take wang mou tuan wear a gold necklace around his neck ( Worth 11297 yuan) 。 Wang mou cycling fled to haikou highshow road intersection, electric batons, blocked by defense team He Mou Joan cycling and Ming police identity, wang mou cycling dash He Mou Joan to its fall, wang mou to carry out the dagger waving and scratch He Mou Joan and the anterior chest wall on the right chest wall ( Classics appraisal belongs to minor injury) See He Mou Joan did not give up pursuing, wang mou was electric batons tapping He Mou Joan. ( The original title: man robbed a gold necklace with electric batons intercepted cycling dash shock police sentenced to 6 years)
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