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Man suspected for failing to attend a confession relocation ceremony was planted and criminal sentenced - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
About nguyen has five copies of the spring case judgments and orders. Jinghua times reporter tao ran, 53, nguyen has taken the spring was baicheng city of jilin province brewery and a number of agents, the family circumstances is superior. In 2006, China's in baicheng city north branch of Interpol six squadron under torture, he made a confession of possession of ammunition and therefore sentenced. Ruan have spring was released in 2007, he began to petition to report, to make a claim for themselves. In the 2008 years, nguyen has been convicted several policemen in the spring case forced confession of sin. In six years, nguyen has four spring complaint also failed to come to a not guilty verdict, etc. Nguyen has spring said, 'when the convict me openly, must open verdict now my innocence. '- cause suspicion for failing to invite offended nguyen has spring is baicheng city, jilin province runs a hotel in my hometown, is many breweries in baicheng agent at the same time, the family circumstances is superior. At the beginning of 1999, China's north branch of Interpol six squadron in baicheng move new office location, then captain Howard invited several nearby, head of the business enterprise to be present. Nguyen has received the invitation as well as spring. Nguyen has spring, said it was beer sales busy season, he was driving trucks to and from the winery, between dealers and less time at home. Due to the busy work, nguyen has a spring are not to go to the vice squad's relocation service. Nguyen the spring thinks, this is what makes his hatred and Howard. On August 20, 2006, ruan have spring home across the factory relocation, the factory will remove the doors and Windows to the nguyen has spring, he drove to procure station on the way, will waste three police stopped him. 'They say six squadron of Interpol, doubt I pull the door window is theft, let me to assist in the investigation. '- over your nose and mouth confession towel mustard nguyen has spring was taken to the criminal police of a room. 'Howard came in, hit me SanSiShiGe mouth saying 'old nguyen, this time we finally meeting the''. Room, nguyen has spring recalls, only a single bed, a table, a iron chairs. There is lock behind 'chair armrest, back of a chair. 'This chair in jilin city intermediate people's court verdict is called constraint chair, nguyen has spring are put on the chair for two days of torture. Nguyen spring have been ordered to sit on a chair, with his hands cuffed to the clearance through the chair back together. During China's judgment, according to baicheng city north and criminal police ji zhe and Gao Zhiyao participated in the torture of nguyen has spring. Some spring nguyen said Gao Zhiyao removed a stick from the bed and struck him with a stick in the ribs and limbs. Ji zhe and Gao Zhiyao also with mustard oil towel to cover your full nguyen has spring mouth and nose. 'At first I adjust my position can breathe, but then an Interpol back of my neck, cannot breathe. 'In addition, some spring about ruan said,' they have immersed in the plastic bag on my head, the side to count, count to 100 or so I was unconscious, wake up is covered with water. Still suffer some spring 'nguyen said, China's north branch of Interpol six squadron Interpol with three electric shock stick at the same time, the sensitive parts of the genitals and shock, etc. 'Tan Weilai when they hit me and said that if I didn't admit stealing, put my daughter-in-law and mother come and taste the flavor. 'Ruan have spring said,' then I admitted stealing, Howard and let me acknowledge possession of ammunition. I'm making ', according to the amount of they say electric batons, under torture, nguyen has made theft and hold ammunition in the spring of confession, 'I said the town of adlai was in charge brewery wang jun, director of the administrative office in a factory gave me the bullet, the town of adlai was in charge labor team FangChanChu LuYongWen gave me a pistol bullet'. - to report to find the victim report nguyen has spring together in August 22, 2006, to make a confession after being held in the town of adlai was in charge county detention center. The next morning, he was in the town of adlai was in charge's procuratorate prison superintendent, director of the agencies adlai was in charge in town jail Han Tiegang directory to reflect in the fact that Interpol six squadrons suffered torture. Han Tiegang on China's north branch of Interpol in baicheng six squadron police torture testimony confirmed the matter of judgment. , according to the judgment Han Tiegang has also received the victim Liu Hongxiang reflect. On January 5, 2007, China's north district people's court to possession of ammunition in baicheng sentenced nguyen has five months in the spring of criminal detention. On January 20, nguyen has spring release the expiration of his or her sentence. After he came out from the jail, immediately start looking for had been six squadron of Interpol torture people and their families to petition to report. In 2007, after nguyen spring and others are petitioning to report, the six squadron of Interpol police torture by the bureau of the people's procuratorate in baicheng anti-graft infringement case filing investigation. In December 3, jilin province issued by the people's procuratorate investigation of the designation of jurisdiction, the case to the jilin city changyi district people's procuratorate investigation. - connecting the police handling the case was found guilty of jilin city changyi district people's court in October 2008 to China's north branch of Interpol in baicheng six squadron police Howard, ji zhe, Gao Zhiyao commits torture crime of intentional injury, the judgment. Howard torture sin, intentional injury was sentenced to six months of the year, ji zhe and Gao Zhiyao for the same offence was sentenced to four months of the year, two years and six months. Howard, ji zhe, then Gao Zhiyao three people appeal to jilin city intermediate people's court, the case is sent back changyi district people's court for retrial. On April 10, 2009, changyi district people's court sentenced three people guilty of torture, but because of the minor, caused no misjudged cases and other serious consequences, exempted from criminal punishment.
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