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Man treating his girlfriend to buy electric batons to zhengzhou, his brother - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Yu a trebuchet face the media, yu bowed his head. / reporter hu sweet Qiao Weihui intern reporter li kang wen figure/read/reading/yesterday at about 6 o 'clock in the morning, after more than five hours by car, wearing a mask of male passenger electric batons suddenly shoved to the taxi driver often a head. But as a result of electric batons power is too weak, often one is not in a coma. Realized that he was robbed, often fought with robbers, to be broken electric batons, and the robber locked in the car. Changxing road, zhengzhou city public security bureau police station smell of p, the patrol police quickly robbers caught. In the police station, the robber said he robbed the motivation of treating sick girl friend is for. Police remind the year-end the tail and head of the crimes against property is a variety of high case, the taxi driver to be vigilant. ( A sudden dangerous health] Electric batons suddenly blow to the taxi driver when the young man stretched out his hand and stopped his own poussin taxi, 'brother' is often a see he wears a black mask and a bit of a 'superior'. At that time is at 1 am, often a want to perhaps because it was cold he was wearing a mask, also did not think much, let him get on the bus. Get in the car, 'black masks' said to the zhengzhou railway station west exit. From the 'black masks' get on the bus of dongfeng road and sand mouth road intersection, 10 minutes to the west exit, but he didn't get out. 'I've come to pick up my cousin, he hasn't arrived yet, wait a moment, please. 'Said' black mask '. So, often a will waiting car on the road. Two people holding I chatted with a word, 'black masks' soft-spoken polite, no abnormal behavior. An hour passed, 'cousin' hasn't arrived, often asked what happened, 'black mask' to 'wait a minute', and agreed to pay 150 yuan of money, 'my cousin to send us to settled in village'. In this way, two people have been waiting for more than four hours, has not seen 'cousin' appear, is often a very try so hard but failed to 'black mask'. 5 to 10 points, 'black masks' said: 'at that time did not call, may cousin today not come, settled in back. 'At the gate of the settled in east village, after the stop,' black mask 'is a touch pocket, said he had no money, take out a cellular phone call, say let friends to send money. Often a had to continue to wait for. [ Qifeng sudden turn] 'Failure' robbers rod is locked in the car from 1 PM to 6 PM, 'black masks' haven't remove the mask, often a little wonder, but he thought: 'if rob, robbed not early? Where have the robber lai 5 hours in the car? 'There are exceptions. When 'black masks' poke a mouth to often electric batons, he felt a numbness around the mouth. But the mind is awake, he knew that he got robbed. See no fell, often a 'black masks' seem a bit hesitant, but soon his second will often is a nose poke to electric batons. Often a grabbing electric batons, and 'black mask'. Two people a hard, electric batons were broken. 'Black mask' will be in the hands of big half electric batons thrown to the outside of the car, often an opportunity to jump under the car, quickly to the door lock, and call the police. 'Eldest brother, I give you money, don't call the police, you dozen I scold me, as long as don't let me into the public security bureau, I will do anything. 'Through the half-open window,' black masks 'began to intercede, often ignored. 6 23 points, changxing road police station traffic patrol brigade received after the alarm, the instructor TuMing immediately changxing tour group 5 speeding to command, at the same time tour group and mobile emergency instructions changxing 4 reinforcements. After 3 minutes, changxing tour group 5 civilian police ya-ping wang, li bin rushed to the scene. Robbed of taxi in nanyang professional ring overpass bridge, north alarm people in nearby watching. To not disturb robbers on the car, get off in advance, the two police close cooperation, quietly towards the taxi. To the car, quickly open the door, the car's 'black masks' captured. At this point, outside the window, breaking the big half electric batons coldly lying on the ground. ( The one] Rob money is treating his girlfriend to the interrogation, 'black masks' name of yu, 23, huangchuan county, xinyang graduated from junior high school, in the northern suburb of zhengzhou a restaurant as a chef. Yu said, working in the hotel, a month can earn 2000 multivariate money, enough for my own use, but recently he was short of money, because his girlfriend was ill, for treating his girlfriend, he spent all his money. To money fast, on Wednesday, his idea of the robbery, the taper to the taxi driver. To that end, he carefully prepared, spend 300 yuan on the online purchase electric batons, December 21, electric batons were mailed to the zhengzhou. Is skynet brand electric batons, black shell, with power switch and the red shock button. The day before yesterday evening, before to rob, in order not to be recognized, he in the booth cost five yuan to buy a black mask.
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