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Man with electric shock stick tear trap handcuffs said tao for self-defense - on the Internet Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Jellyfish network - July 7 ( YMG reporter Li Long correspondent David called wu) Yantai etdz police in clip river crossing when set up checked posts can seized a man carrying 5 kinds of instruments, electric batons, he said he is picked up on the Internet for self-defense. But he didn't know was that carry instruments belong to illegal behavior. 22:30 on July 5, development zone, the police in the clip river crossing set up checked posts verifications, intercepted a white Honda car in accordance with the law. Face suddenly appeared in front of his civilian police, the man is showing a trace of panic, but still very fit to show me your driving license, in accordance with the requirements of documents, and explain to police, they do not have any illegal and criminal record. When the POLICE vehicle inspection, electric batons, found the central store content box with two electric shock stick, and before the co-pilot store content box found with 'POLICE' POLICE flashlight, tear injector, batons, handcuffs, each one, the man carrying the total 5 kinds of 6 pieces of instruments. Man to carry their own instruments on the spot, admit to it all. Police immediately pointed out that the illegal possession instruments behavior is illegal, and summoned verbally to jinqiao station for further investigation and handling. Upon examination, the man called deng, a development zone, according to one account, deng he carried by instruments are cost more than one hundred yuan, from online for carry instruments only for self-defense driving at night. After a learned that it is illegal to carry their own police implements deng is very regret. At present, the police seized the police equipment be confiscated according to the law, while giving a warning deng admonition punishment.
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